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Grevillea Phanerophlebia, widely known as prominent veins and vein-leaf grevillea, is a shrub of the genus grevillea native a small area on the West coast, in the Midwest region of Western Australia.


1. Description. (Описание)

Erect and disheveled evergreen shrub usually grows to a height of 1 to 1.5 meters from 3 to 5 feet and not terete gray twigs. He has a simple triangular spiny lobed shallowly divided mid-green leaves with a blade that ranges from 20 to 40 mm 0.8 to 1.6 in length. Blooms in August or September and produces a regular brush axillary inflorescence with white or cream flowers with white or cream styles. Later it forms a folded oblong or ellipsoidal, and bare fruit 8 to 9 mm 0.31 to 0.35 in length. Produced smooth seeds approximately 5.5 mm 0.22 in. and 2.5 mm 0.1 In, With obovate in shape ellipsoidal, with a waxy margin membraneous. The plant is able to regenerate only from seed.


2. Habitat. (Среда обитания)

Bush found in open forest areas high low trees or on the Heath, near Mingenew, flags and Eradu sandplains to Geraldton and the hills. He is able to grow on gravelly, sandy or loamy soils. It is only known from one population of two plants, which, probably, young, and different population, which does not contain any living plants. Species of plants related to phanerophlebia are in Waitzia nitida, Acacia saligna, acacia acuminata, of Allocasuarina campestris, Hakea erinacea, Mesomelaena SP.Austrostipa elegantissima, aristida holathera of, Bonamia pink amplexans and grevillea biternata.

Parks, a Botanical garden in Perth, Western Australia now has 36 plants of grevillea phanerophlebia in cultivation, and the seeds taken from one population located in the vault.


3. History. (История)

The first collection of this plant was made in 1901 by the German botanist Ludwig Diels from near Mingenew. The Western Australian herbarium of the first collection made of the species were made in 1931 under the flags.

Grevillea Phanerophlebia was declared as rare flora in March 1999 and won the 1999 critically endangered CR. It currently meets world conservation Union IUCN 2000 red list category of PR on several criteria.

Despite the fact that rare in the wild, she was growing since the 1980-ies in New South Wales and Victoria. Phanerophlebia G. mass-produced and sold by waterwise as an informal hedge, barrier or border plant that can be grown in areas with hot sun over head suitable in dry soils and can tolerate light frosts.

  • Grevillea juniperina, commonly known as juniper - or juniper - leaf grevillea or prickly spider - flower, is a plant of the family Proteaceae native to eastern
  • Hindwing with a few obsolescent small spots and a prominent marginal series from the apex to vein 2, where they sometimes conjoined. In the female, spots
  • millimetres 1 4 in wide. Often with wavy or finely toothed margins and a prominent mid - vein ending in a point at the apex. The leaves are pale green in colour
  • Government. Wrigley, John Fagg, Murray 1991 Banksias, Waratahs and Grevilleas Sydney, New South Wales: Angus Robertson. p. 449. ISBN 0 - 207 - 17277 - 3
  • with a single trunk and erect habit. It has dark green leaves with prominent veins that are 11 28 centimetres 4.3 11 in long and 1.5 6 cm 0.6 2.4 in
  • ISBN 0 - 643 - 05693 - 9. Wrigley, John Fagg, Murray 1991 Banksias, Waratahs and Grevilleas Sydney: Angus Robertson. pp. 467 68. ISBN 0 - 207 - 17277 - 3. 2. Oreocallis
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