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Athenry Castle

★ Athenry Castle

Athenry castle is located at Court Lane in the Eastern part of Athenry, on the West Bank of the river Clarin. It is located on a natural rise and defended Ford.


1. History. (История)

Although locally known as king Johns Castle or the court of king John after the Lord of Ireland 1177-1216, it was not built until twenty years after his reign.

The original keep built 1235 / 40 was low and squat, the roof on the level of the current second floor. Meyler de Bermingham has extended his p. 1250. In 1316 the castle was attacked, leading to the construction of the city walls. In the 15th century Berminghams moved from his town house near the market cross in the square. In 1596, during the nine years war, the castle fell into the hands of ODonnells.

On the walls of the 13th century and in the 15th century, the parapet was included in the Gables on the new roof.

The castle was restored in 2005.


2. House. (Дом)

Athenry castle is a large rectangular building with a basement-dough, originally containing only a hall on the upper floor and a utility room on the ground floor. Teeth are 13th century with high arrowslits in the teeth. In the 15th century, the parapet was included in the pediments on the Northern and southern ends of the new roof. Spare parts of the original enclosure wall of the castle survive.

The original entrance was on the first floor and was reached by an external wooden staircase. Heat was probably provided by a brazier in the center of the room, with smoke coming through a vent or hole in the roof directly above. In the closet is across from the main entrance.

There is a fine thread on the outer surface of the door opening, on the inner side of the two window openings.

Capitals carved with floral motifs in local style, known as the "school of the West", transitional between the Romanesque and late Gothic.

Mural stair led to the upper floor. The wall-towers were built in the North-East and South-East corners, while the southwest corner was a fortified gate.

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  • ISBN 0 - 900675 - 92 - 6 Athenry A Local History 1850 1983 Aggie Qualter, 1984. Athenry A Brief History and Guide, Ann Healy, 1989. The Lamberts of Athenry ed. Finnbarr
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  • Galway, at Athenry on 29 July 1620. However, for the sum of 5.00 he was pardoned that December. He successfully stood a M.P. for Athenry in the 1634
  • Royalist soldier and courtier b. c.1603 Francis de Bermingham, Baron Athenry Froinsias O Maolmhuaidh, Franciscan friar and linguist b. c.1605 Probable
  • the family became established at Castle Ellen and Castle Lambert located some four miles west and north of Athenry respectively on property acquired
  • local Catholic clergy, providing a refuge for Athenry s Dominican friars in Esker, close to his castle at Carrownekelly. The monastery is still in existence
  • km from Galway, 27 km from Tuam, 30 km from Ballinasloe, and 20 km from Athenry it forms part of the civil parish of Killascobe. Historically, Menlough
  • Google Books. Gaelic and Gaelised Ireland, Kenneth Nicols, 1972. The Second Battle of Athenry Adrian James Martyn, East Galway News Views, 2008 2009
  • phase one of the reopening of the Western Rail Corridor between Ennis and Athenry There are two schools in Ardrahan: Labane N.S, Ballyglass N.S. Ardahan
  • ISBN 978 - 1 - 85182 - 196 - 9 Gaelic and Gaelised Ireland, Kenneth Nicols, 1972. The Second Battle of Athenry Adrian James Martyn, East Galway News Views, 2008 2009

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