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Silver & black non-produced American superhero film based on the Marvel comics characters Silver Sable and black cat, which was produced by Columbia pictures in collaboration with Marvel and distributed by Sony pictures releasing. It was intended for the payment of the marvel universe Sony, but was canceled and reworked into new projects after a delay relative to the script. The film was directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, who has worked on the script along with Lisa joy, Chris Yost, and authors Lindsay beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

Black cat was the first to be included in the film unproduced spider-Man 4 before being introduced in the New Spider-Man 2. Development on the superhero spin-off movie of the Spider-Man franchise first began in October 2014 to March 2017, he was in black cat and Silver Sable, with Yost to write, and is now considered in the world of spider-Man: coming home, which is located in the microcontroller. Prince-Bythewood joined in may, shooting will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. However, Prince-Bythewood was unhappy with the screenplay, which led to an indefinite delay in the proceedings, although she and Sony have re-developed the project.

In August 2018, Sony canceled the movie and replaced it with two separate movies focusing on each of the title characters. Prince-Bythewood remained as producer on the projects.


1. Development. (Развитие)

In December 2009, Marvel comics character, Felicia hardy was introduced in Spider-Man 4, Anne Hathaway look at the role. Julia Stiles, Rachel McAdams, and Romola Garay were also considered. Director Sam Raimi wanted to take the character in a different direction from the comics, she becomes a supervillain named "Vulturess" in partnership with John Malkovich as the vulture, not a burglar known as Black cat. Next month, Sony has announced that Spider-Man franchise will be rebooted after Raimi decided not to direct the sequels spider-Man 3 2007. In January 2013, felicity Jones is negotiating to join the second film in the series reboot, the New Spider-Man 2 2014 as hardy. Shes not picking on a black persons cat in the film.

In December 2013, Sony said it plans to use new the amazing Spider-Man 2 to create their own expanded universe based on properties of marvel studios the film rights. AVI Arad and Matt Tolmach will produce the films as part of the franchise brain trust that includes Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, ed Solomon and drew Goddard, and the New spider-Man 2012 and the New Spider-Man 2 Director Marc Webb. However, after the New Spider-Man 2 is worse with the Sony "under tremendous pressure to execute a hard look at their most important franchise," the direction of the new shared universe has been rethought. The development of the female spin-off to the superhero film takes place in the extended universe had a beginning, with Lisa joy to write the script, and in 2017 to release the eyes. Potential heroes who will be introduced in the film is included hardy, Silver Sable, stunner, Gnesotto, and Spider-Woman. By October 2014 it is planned the film was known under the working title "glass ceiling," and was set to be a team with more than one of the female characters connected to the superhero spider-man. In January 2015, Jones expressed interest in the sequel his role as hardy and examines the black cat side of the character, but said that there were no plans for her to do so. Next month, Sony and Marvel studios have announced a new partnership that will see the latter producing the next film Spider-Man for Sony, and integrated into the character of the miracle Cinematic universe. Sony still planned to release spin-off films, such as the female super hero film, but will do so without the participation of miracles, however, it was believed that they were cancelled in November 2015.

After the news that Sonys animated Spider-Man spin-off featuring the character of venom in March 2017, the company is also considered to be a "quick work" on the female superhero spin-off as well, with Chris Yost rewriting the script joy. Tolmach and Amy Pascal was set to produce the film, which would appear as Silver Sable and black cat, and not crossover With the New Spider-Man movie: the return of the native. That perhaps Sony has announced that its new total collection will be called "Sonys marvel universe", since the poison in October 2018. Silver Sable and black cat the film was officially named silver and black, and Gina Prince-Bythewood has signed direct. Emily Carmichael also gave a directing role. Fan of big-budget genre movies, Prince-Bythewood had planned to take on this film, but was focused on another project at the time. When she showed the script to the silver and black from Sony, she "watched a movie in my head as I read it, and its an exciting thing as a Director when you know what you want to do with it. I was able to be so specific, so it was interesting at these meetings, because everything I say, they liked". Shooting is expected to begin in late 2017.


2. Pre-production. (Pre-продукции)

In June 2017, he said that Sony is now intended their new Marvel-based movies take place in "one world", as spider-Man: the return of the native, describing them as a "Supplement" to this world. She said that the silver and black would be the connection with the poison, and that possibilities exist for a Volume of Spider-Man Holland will appear in both films. By this time, Prince-Bythewood had to write a new project with a script, and began to plan the visual effects and the music for the film, which she hopes to start casting soon. Prince-Bythewood was inspired by the movie Patty Jenkins superhero Wonder Woman in 2017, which was released shortly after she signed on to direct the silver and black. Prince-Bythewood met Jenkins a few times to discuss Wonder woman, and get advice on directing big-budget movie of a female superhero.

In July, the Columbia pictures President Sanford Panitch said that Sony was not interested in producing "the normal comic book movie" and sought to give every movie its MU special style. Silver and black was considered a dark buddy film, compared with the 1991 Thelma and Louise and midnight run, 1988. Prince-Bythewood wanted to explore "the story of two damaged women who are at war with each other, but need each other to survive," and noted that both characters are haunted by the death of their parents in the comics. The movie officially comes out in theaters February 8, 2019, with the villains the Chameleon, tombstone, tarantula, and considered. In December, Ruth E. Carter joined as a costume designer after that miracles, Black Panther 2018, and Kristi Zea signed on as artistic Director in January 2018.

He is expected to begin on 5 March 2018 and will last until mid-June, primarily occurs in Atlanta, Georgia, tentatively titled "Triple frontier". Additional filming will take place in Mexico, which is believed to represent the triple border area on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Lindsay beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet wrote a draft of the script by mid-February of 2018, where they were transferred back to Prince-Bythewood on the Polish.


3. Delays and cancellations. (Задержки и отмены)

Plans to start shooting of the film was postponed indefinitely until the end of February, because Prince-Bythewood was not yet satisfied with the script. Additional pre-production work such as costume design, was also postponed until the rework has been completed, Carter said, "Im waiting to get the signal that Im going back to work. I love this new one and put them into the world." She added that although both characters are white in the comics, she wanted to play with casting on casting a black actress in one of the main characters, wishing to "make a good black woman on screen in this genre." By the end of the month, Prince-Bythewood was still working on the script, explaining that "it all starts with the script. You must have a great script, so we want to make sure that it is correct before we jump in". Shortly thereafter, in early June, Sony has removed the film from February 2019 release date, and began actively looking for a new date for the release of the film, which could place a new record and postponed the start of production.

Noting her role as Director of the pilot episode to the wonders of the cloak and Dagger series, Prince-Bythewood said she was glad that was included in the miracle world and learned how to do "such cool, innovative stuff" with Marvel TV, which she could then apply to the "big sandbox" films. This increase in the budget, she said, "If youre going to spend so much money, lets make sure we tell a good story", so she decided to postpone shooting until, while she was happy with the script. The Director added that there were opportunities for her to start production on another project before filming for the silver and black starts, if the script is not ready yet, a month later, she signed a contract to direct the film adaptation of the comic old guard first, plans to start shooting film for this project by the end of 2018.

In August, Sony officially canceled the silver and black, with the intention instead to rework the project as two separate solo films devoted to each of the title characters. The official decision was not made at the time, but Prince-Bythewood is not expected any new films. A month later, Tolmach was asked about the progress of the project Black Silver & not recognize this decision from Sony, just saying that they were "still working on the script".


4. Future. (Будущее)

The first of the new solo films to be adapted from the silver & black it is expected that the film focused on a black cat, and one set of silver Sable to follow this. If Prince-Bythewood did not return as Director for new projects, she will continue to participate as a producer. Sony was adamant during the announcement of the new movies that Prince-Bythewood will be replaced by other female Directors.

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