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Gardens of Stone

★ Gardens of Stone

Gardens of stone is a 1987 American drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola based on the novel of the same title by Nicholas Proffitt. It plays James Caan, Anjelica Huston, James Earl Jones, D. B. Sweeney, Dean Stockwell, Mary Stuart Masterson.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

A hardened Korean and Vietnam war veteran Sergeant first class Clell hazard James Caan would rather be an instructor at the U.S. army infantry school at Fort Benning, to train the soldiers in Vietnam, but instead is assigned to the 1st battalion 3D infantry regiment the old guard at Fort Meyer, Virginia.

The old guard of the U.S. Armys guard. It provides the ceremonial honor guard at funerals of fallen soldiers and guards the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington national cemetery. Hazard calls them the "toy soldiers" and hates his job until Jackie willow D. B. Sweeney, the son of an old friend and comrade, is assigned to his platoon and with whom he sees an opportunity to make sure that at least one man comes home alive from Vietnam.

Hazard tries to warn willow about Vietnam but the young man sees it as his duty as a soldier to fight for his country, no matter which war. Hazard hates how the war in Vietnam is and believes that good soldiers wounded or killed in the "wrong" war in which the United States is not fighting for the victory.

Among others in life danger his longtime friend and superior, Sergeant major "goody" Nelson, James Earl Jones, and his girlfriend Samantha Davis Anjelica Huston, writer for the Washington Post who is against the war in Vietnam for different reasons.

Willow marries a Colonels daughter named Rachel feld, Mary Stuart Masterson, who initially refuses to marry Jackie, as long as he is a soldier. Rachel also hates the war in Vietnam and afraid for her husband.

The danger is divorced and has not seen his son In years because of a painful divorce. After Eves father, who is a staff Sergeant in the U.S. army retired and a former Korean war comrade in arms of danger and Nelsons, dies of a heart attack, the danger comes to look at willow as a "son." He tries to teach willow all he can about the war and survive in combat.

Willow in turn tries to teach his fellow soldier private albert Wildman, a chronic loser, how to be a soldier. Wildman subsequently ordered to Vietnam, where he tried on the role of a heroic soldier and an effective combat infantryman. He returned from Vietnam promoted to the rank of Sergeant and awarded the Medal of Honor For heroism in combat. Sergeant Flanagan Larry Fishburne, a member of the platoon of dangers, receives his orders for Vietnam at the same time.

Willow stands is the rank of Sergeant and was recommended for participation in the officer candidate school, which he graduates and will be commissioned as a second Lieutenant. He ordered to serve in a combat unit in Vietnam. Writes about the danger willow from Vietnam about all the good people in his platoon that are lost in battle. Then danger finds out that Willow has been killed in battle, when he sees the burial orders willows remains.

Requests risk to be sent to Vietnam for a third tour as a platoon Sergeant in combat infantry. He places his combat infantryman badge on the flag-draped coffin of willow into the Church at Arlington national cemetery. Wildman and Flanagan, while sergeants and recently back from Vietnam, are also present on the eve of the funeral.

The film ends with military honors provided at the cemetery of willow in Arlington and the danger of speaking with the mourners to the firing of a rifle salute and play "taps".


2. Welcome

The film earned mixed reviews from critics as it currently holds a rating of 47% on rotten tomatoes, based on 15 reviews. The film was entered into the 15th Moscow international film festival.

The checkout. (Кассе)

The film had a limited edition 612 theaters and in the end collecting $5.262.047. According to box office Mojo, the film earned $1.645.588 on the first weekend.


3. Replacement Of Griffin Oneill. (Замена Гриффин ОНил)

Griffin oneal was originally cast in the rock garden to play albert Wildman, but was replaced by Casey Siemaszko after his participation in a random speedboating death Coppolas eldest son Gian-Carlo Coppola, in may 1986.

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