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★ The Dog in the Manger, 1978 film - comedy film ..

The Dog in the Manger (1978 film)

★ The Dog in the Manger (1978 film)

The dog in the manger 1978 Soviet musical-Comedy Director Ian freed on the eponymous play by Lope de VEGA.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Teodoro, Secretary of the Countess Diana de Belflere, in love with maid Marcella. The lady suddenly feels jealousy awakened in her when she is watching the development of their romance. But the conventions and the burden of prejudices have a strong hold over independent and strong-willed Diana. Shes the one who teases her noble brides cant go so low as to confess her love for uncultivated servant. Teodoro has no choice - he needed to go obl house and go find happiness elsewhere, although the souls of the lovers belong to each other. Then his servant Tristan, clever and witty villain comes to the rescue. And Teodoro is suddenly aristocratic nobleman, not inferior to his lineage and wealth, Diana.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Igor Dmitriev Count Federico vocals: Mikhail Boyarskiy.
  • The ottavo, Diana Butler Fedor Nikitin was voiced by Alexander Demyanenko.
  • Armen Dzhigarkhanyan - Tristan Butler and friend Teodoro voiced Igor Efimov, Mikhail Boiarsky sang songs companions.
  • Zinaida sharko - Anard, Dianas maid and friend.
  • Elena Proklova - Marcela, Dianes maid and former lover Teodoro vocals: Elena Driatskaya.
  • Nikolai Karachentsov - the Marquis Ricardo, Diana groom.
  • Victor Ilyichev - Fabio, a servant of Diana.
  • Ernst Romanov - Count Ludovico, Father Teodoro.
  • Helena Ivliev - Melbourne, Diana the maid and the girl Marcela.
  • Margarita Terekhova is Diana, Countess de location Lodge vocals: Elena Driatskaya.
  • Mikhail Boyarsky - Teodoro.

3. Production. (Производство)

Initially, Oleg Yankovsky and Oleg Dal auditioned for the role of Teodoro, and Michael boyar was supposed to play the role of Marquis Ricardo, which eventually was played by Nikolay Karachentsov.

The movie was filmed in the Livadia Palace, its gardens and pavilions of the thumbnail.

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