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Prairie sandmat

★ Prairie sandmat

Euphorbia missurica, commonly called Prairie sandmat, is a type of flowering plant in the spurge family. It is native to North America where it is mostly in the Great Plains area. Its natural habitat is in dry, often calcareous areas, including the glades, bluffs, and woodlands.

Euphorbia missurica is an annual event. It produces small white flowers in late spring and early summer.

  • spurge Euphorbia halemanui Kauai sandmat Euphorbia herbstii Herbst s sandmat Euphorbia hooveri Hoover s sandmat Euphorbia kuwaleana kokomalei Euphorbia
  • Acalypha alopecuroides graceful sandmat Euphorbia hypericifolia grassleaf sandmat Euphorbia graminea gulf sandmat Euphorbia thymifolia hairyfruit
  • polygonifolia - seaside spurge, seaside sandmat sea milk - purslane Chamaesyce vermiculata - wormseed spurge, wormseed sandmat hairy spurge, hairy - stemmed milk - purslane
  • albomarginata whitemargin sandmat leaves and roots eaten to promote lactation. Chamaesyce polycarpa smallseed sandmat warm gruel made with plant
  • white - margin sandmat Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia schizoloba Mojave spurge Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia setiloba Yuma spurge, bristle - lobed sandmat Euphorbiaceae
  • the chaparral: Hickman s onion, Yadon s piperia Piperia yadonii and Sandmat manzanita. Other rare plants in Monterey include Hutchinson s delphinium
  • Euphorbia abdulghafooriana Abedin Euphorbia abramsiana L.C. Wheeler - Abrams sandmat Euphorbia abyssinica J.F. Gmel. s Euphorbia acalyphoides Hochst. ex Boiss

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