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Bojnice Castle

★ Bojnice Castle

Bojnice castle is a medieval castle in Bojnice, Slovakia. This Romanesque castle with some original Gothic and Renaissance, built in the 12th century. Bojnice castle is one of the most visited castles in Slovakia, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is a popular filming stage for fantasy and fairy tale films.


1. History. (История)

Bojnice castle was first mentioned in written records in 1113 in a document Zobor Abbey. Originally built as a wooden Fort, it is gradually replaced by stone, with exterior walls formed by uneven rocky terrain. Its first owner was Matthew Csak III, who received it in 1302 from the king Vladislav of Hungary. Later, in the 15th century, it belonged to king Matthias Corvinus, who gave it to his illegitimate son John Corvinus in 1489. Matthias liked to visit Bojnice and it was here that he worked on his Royal decrees. He used to dictate them under the lime-tree, which is now known as the "Linden tree of king Matthias". After his death, the castle became the property of the zapolya family to see John zapolya. In the Thurzos, the richest family in the Northern Kingdom of Hungary, acquired the castle in 1528 and undertook his major reconstruction. The former fortress was turned into a castle in the Renaissance style. From 1646 on, the owners of castles were the Palffys, who continues to restore the castle.

Finally, the last famous castle owner from the Palffy family, Count jános Ferenc pálffy 1829-1908, made a complex romantic reconstruction from 1888 to 1910 and created a modern imitation of French castles of the Loire valley. Not only was he built a castle, and also an architect and graphic designer. He used his artistic taste and love for collecting art. He was one of the greatest collectors of Antiques, tapestries, drawings, paintings and sculptures of his time. After his death, and quarrels, his heirs sold many precious pieces of art from the castle, and then, on 25 February 1939, sold the castle to the Spa and surrounding land to a Czech entrepreneur Jan Antonin Bata, the owner of the Shoe company Bata.

After 1945, when the property Batas was confiscated by the Czechoslovak government, the castle became the residence of several government agencies. On may 9, 1950 a fire broke out in the castle, but it was restored at government expense. After this renovation, the Museum specialized in documentation and presentation of the era of architectural Neo-styles was opened here. Bojnice Museum is part of todays Slovak national Museum.


2. Description. (Описание)

The castle is famous for its attractions, including the popular fairytale castle, international festival of ghosts and spirits and the Summer music festival. Romantic castle is a popular place for shooting fabulous movies, such as Fantaghiro. In 2006, the castle attracted about 200.000 visitors. Here is one of the most popular museums in Slovakia and has been featured in many movies.


3. Castle Park. (Замковый Парк)

Bojnice castle is surrounded by the castle Park with numerous tree species. The Park is also a zoo Bojnice-the oldest and one of the most visited zoos in Slovakia. The castle Park continues in the form of a forest Park in the Strazov mountains.

  • population of around 5, 000. Bojnice is best known for its tourist attractions: the oldest zoo in Slovakia, the most visited castle and one of the oldest spa
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  • 1887 1942 economist and politician Zator is twinned with: Berekfurdo, Hungary Bojnice Slovakia Stowarzyszenie Dolina Karpia December 9, 2010 Dolina Karpia

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