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Physaria floribunda, in pointtip twinpod, is a member of the family Brassicaceae. It is an herbaceous perennial originating in the US States of Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

Variety Physaria floribunda Rydb. VAR. osterhoutii Payson Rollins with two synonyms: Physaria floribunda Rydb. The MTSP. Osterhoutii Payson of Okane, and Physaria osterhoutii Payson), named in honor of George Everett Osterhout. This only happens in Colorado.

  • didymocarpa - Common twinpod Physaria fendleri - Fendler s bladderpod Physaria filiformis - Missouri bladderpod Physaria floribunda - Pointtip twinpod Physaria fremontii - Fremont s
  • beardtongue Physaria floribunda ssp. osterhoutii Payson O Kane pointtip twinpod IPNI. Osterh. Nelson, Aven 1937 George E. Osterhout Science
  • Cryptantha osterhoutii Osterhout s beardtongue Penstemon osterhoutii pointtip twinpod Physaria floribunda ssp. osterhoutii Van Oosterhout literally means

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