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★ Kindergarten, 1983 film - war film ..

Kindergarten (1983 film)

★ Kindergarten (1983 film)

Kindergarten-Soviet drama film by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, created on the basis of their own memories of the military child.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In Russia, during the great Patriotic War, 10-year-old boy goes to live with her grandmother. On the way to her train falls under the bombing, so he should slowly move on foot to their destination, meeting lots of friendly people and not so.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Yevgeny Yevtushenko as Freaky player.
  • The Yevstratov Svetlana Lily.
  • Mikhail Roshchin as the episode.
  • Nikolai Karachentsov as a thief spire.
  • Igor Sklyar as Zhenyas father.
  • Sergey Gusak as Eugene.
  • Nick turbo as the episode.
  • Klaus Maria Brandauer as a German officer.
  • Leonid Markov as alleged blind.
  • Galina Stakhanova as grandma Zhenyas.

3. Criticism. (Критика)

Film Eugene Yevtushenkos came out in years is a disgrace to poets, it is not surprising that it became the subject of Soviet criticism and found recognition in the West after out-of-competition screening at the film festival in Venice. Well-known film critic Viktor Demin called this movie sucks, and directed by Savva Kulish, after watching the movie, praised the work of Yevtushenko, wishing him further success: Yevtushenko is trying to implement on the screen purely literary devices here and clearly too high compared with ordinary skills in the film containers of plastic imagery, their literary metaphorical type. Sometimes this metaphor is striking accuracy and the truth. Sometimes it seems intentional, and then reveals the literary taste. But before us is a clear attempt to try film for maximum load, and this attempt will be fruitful not only for the writer but for the movie. The scriptwriter Yevgeny Gabrilovich supports creative search of the poet.

Alexander Fedorov: it looks pretentious, middle and even unprofessional. But nonprofessionality the author of the film in the cinema, paradoxically, there are positive aspects. Yevtushenko takes a picture of the memory about his military childhood, so that a mosaic of events consists of many unpolished, different and unequal episodes.

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