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Ankleshwar is a city and a municipality in Bharuch district in Gujarat, India. The city is located fourteen kilometers from Bharuch. AIA-Ankleshwar industrial Association is the largest organization in GiDC, where more than 2000 industry. This is the area under the AIA, and MCM is the controller of the authority. Pollutants shall be punished by the AIA, which leads to a decrease in pollution levels.


1. Economy. (Экономика)

The city is known for its industrial township called GIDC Gujarat industrial development Corporation. Ankleshwar has an office of ONGC oil and gas Corporation companies. Ankleshwar has over 1.500 chemical plants, producing products such as pesticides, drugs, chemicals and paint. GIDC began to organize trade fair and industrial exhibition sometimes, to attract a large number of production facilities in all of India. It also helps to get customers on a large basis.


2. Demographics. (Демография)

According to the census of India 2011, Ankleshwar had a population of 140.839. Men make up 53% of the local population and females 47%. 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.


3. Transport. (Транспорт)

Ankleshwar is connected by Indian national highway 8 Mumbai, new Delhi and Western railway division of Indian Railways. Railway Department performs a broad gauge train services to Rajpipla. In the 136-year-old Golden Bridge 2018 built in 1881 connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch across the Narmada on the station front, and a new bridge connects the highway, the other bridge on the L& t on the highway is ready to use.

Railway station Ankleshwar is located at the intersection of NH8-road station.

Bus stop Ankleshwar the city is located on station road, which is located in the Western part.

Development project of Ankleshwar airport and city bus are in the pipeline in the last stage.


4. Education. (Образование)

Ankleshwar is an educated city. It has an average literacy rate of 79%, higher than the average at 74.04% with 82.14% of men and 65% of women are literate.

  • Ankleshwar Junction railway station is a railway station serving Ankleshwar town, in Bharuch district of Gujarat State of India. It is under Vadodara
  • The Ankleshwar - Rajpipla Passenger is a passenger train belonging to Western Railway zone that runs between Ankleshwar Junction and Rajpipla. It is currently
  • Ankleshwar Airport is a greenfield airport being constructed at village Mandva on National Highway 8 near Ankleshwar Gujarat, India. The Airports Authority
  • Ankleshwar Udyognagar railway station is a small railway station in Bharuch district, Gujarat. Its code is AKVU. It serves Ankleshwar town. The station
  • Ankleshwar assembly constituency is one of the 182 assembly constituencies of Gujarat. It is located in Bharuch district. This assembly seat represents
  • through some major industrial cities such as Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Ankleshwar Vapi, Dahanu Road and Palghar. There are commutes daily and regularly
  • headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, It has campuses at Noida, Fursatganj, Ankleshwar Guna, Chennai, Patna, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Rohtak, Haryana, Chhindwara
  • Panoli is a village in the Ankleshwar Tehsil of Bharuch district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Panoli is based between 21.5310601 latitude and 72.9637728
  • similar to stepwell and had rooms in its walls to rest there in summer. Ankleshwar Airport is a greenfield airport being constructed near Mandva village
  • State Highways 13, 5, and 163. Netrang has a last railway station from ankleshwar jhagadiya route, but it is off posission since 1995 and the nearest railway
  • The Golden Bridge connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch in the Gujarat state of western India. It was built in 1881 by the British, who needed a bridge across

  • station. Hathuran is the nearest railway station towards Mumbai, whereas Ankleshwar is the nearest railway station towards Vadodara. Passenger Trains: 59049 50
  • Satpuda range. Sangvi lies in the Khandesh region, and on Burhanpur - Ankleshwar National Highway 4 Sangvi has an average elevation of 209 metres 686 ft
  • The Darul Uloom Karmali is an Islamic school in Ankleshwar a town in Bharuch district of Gujarat, India. Darul - Uloom Madni Darut Tarbiyat, KARMALI
  • Narmada district, Gujarat, India. Its location is at NH - 753B Old SH - 13 Ankleshwar - Valia - Netrang - Dediapada - Sagbara up to State Border to Akkalkuva in Maharashtra
  • Public School Kharod is a school located in the city of Ankleshwar in the state of Gujarat, India. It was founded in November 2006 and is affiliated with
  • Bhavnagar. Other close by tourism destinations include Palitana, Dahej and Ankleshwar The nearest major railway station to Vartej is Bhavnagar Trmus BVC
  • Nagpur Gujarat Sherkhi Vadodara Sama Vadodara Maneja Vadodara Vapi Ankleshwar Rajasthan Jaipur Podar World School Toppers nagpurtoday.in. Retrieved
  • Dahanu Road, Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Surat, Kim, Kosamba Junction and Ankleshwar Junction to Bharuch Junction and vice versa. The train consist of 20 MEMU
  • of India. Retrieved 2019 - 05 - 21. MoUs inked for airports at Dholera, Ankleshwar Times of India. 20 January 2019. Retrieved 21 January 2019. Mundra
  • and Mandavi taluka Surat district Dediyapada is well connected with Ankleshwar Rajpipla, Sagbara and Shahada by state highway. Shoolpaneshwar wildlife
  • school and panchayat. People of this village are migrated to different cities of Gujarat. Most of them are settled in Surat, Ankleshwar Navsari, Vapi etc.

  • 86 km from the District headquarters Surat. Cities near Raniamba are Songadh, Vyara, Navsari and Ankleshwar Gujarati is the local language in Raniamba.
  • Maroli Sachin Udhna Junction Surat Sayan Kim Kosamba Junction Panoli Ankleshwar Junction Bharuch Junction Nabipur Palej Miyagam Karjan Junction Vadodara
  • Vapi Udvada Valsad Bilimora Junction Navsari Surat Kim Kosamba Junction Ankleshwar Junction Bharuch Junction Palej Miyagam Karjan Junction Vadodara Junction
  • Vishvamitri, Miyagam Karjan Junction, Palej, Nabipur, Bharuch Junction, Ankleshwar Junction, Kosamba Junction, Kim, Sayan, Utran to Surat and vice versa
  • Bhilad Vapi Valsad Bilimora Junction Navsari Surat Kim Kosamba Junction Ankleshwar Junction Bharuch Junction Palej Miyagam Karjan Junction Vishvamitri Vadodara
  • 69111 12 Surat - Vadodara MEMU runs from Surat via Kim, Kosamba Junction, Ankleshwar Junction, Bharuch Junction, Palej, Miyagam Karjan Junction, Vishvamitri
  • Valsad Bilimora Junction Amalsad Navsari Maroli Surat Kim Kosamba Junction Ankleshwar Junction Bharuch Junction Palej Miyagam Karjan Junction Vadodara Junction
  • Bharuch MEMU runs from Surat via Utran, Sayan, Kim, Kosamba Junction, Ankleshwar Junction to Bharuch Junction and vice versa. The train consist of 20 MEMU

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