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Pear-fruited bryum

★ Pear-fruited bryum

Bryum turbinatum, also known as the flow moss topshape or pear fruited bryum is a type of moss found in continental Europe and the United States. Species have gone extinct throughout the British Isles in 1940-ies depending on the species recovery trust and in 2001, according to the IUCN, and it is not recovering.

Splachnobryum kieneri is listed by the USDA as a synonym.

It grows along the edges of ditches and ponds on calcareous, gravelly places.

  • drupe, consisting of the seed surrounded by the hardened endocarp. pyriform Pear - shaped a term for solid shapes that are roughly conical in shape, broadest
  • Matted bryum Bryum calophyllum Non - vascular plants Bryophyte Round - leaved bryum Bryum cyclophyllum Non - vascular plants Bryophyte Welsh thread - moss Bryum gemmiparum

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