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Alophia drummondii, commonly called propeller flower, is one of the species of flowering plants in the family iridaceae. It is native to North and South America, where it ranges from the us States of Arkansas and Oklahoma South to Mexico. There is also a clear disjunct population in Paraguay.

Its natural habitat is in sandy soils of open prairies and woodlands, often growing around the partly shaded edges.

Alophia drummondii is a herbaceous perennial with a tuberous base. Its leaves are linear-lanceolate and folded along the midrib. Each plant produces a few flowers that only last one day. Its tepals are dark purple with yellow and reddish-brown base. Usually it blooms from may to July.

  • The Propeller Banksia Banksia candolleana is a species of shrub in the plant genus Banksia. It occurs in sandplain country north of Gingin, Western
  • The manipulation of the devil stick also devil - sticks, devilsticks, flower sticks, gravity sticks, or juggling sticks is a form of gyroscopic juggling
  • pantropical distribution. Its common names include the helicopter tree, propeller tree, whirly whirly tree, stinkwood or shitwood. Gyrocarpus americanus
  • perfoliata var. minor known by the common names airplane plant and propeller plant, is a succulent plant endemic to South Africa, from the Cape of
  • trochos wheel and pteron feather wing probably meaning propeller and anthos flower The scientific name Cyclamen alpinum has been applied to three
  • to 12 m, 15 m in favorable spots. Its small, pale pink star - or propeller - shaped flowers arrive in April and attract bees and other pollinators due to their
  • HMS Delphinium K77 was a Flower - class corvette built for the Royal Navy RN from 1940 - 1946. From 1941 to 1943 she was active in the Mediterranean as
  • HMS Aubrietia K96 was a Flower - class corvette built for the Royal Navy RN from 1941 - 1946. She was active as a convoy escort in the Atlantic and Mediterranean
  • government contracted with shipbuilding firms in England and Canada to build Flower - class corvettes. Vim PG - 99 was one of those British - type escorts. She
  • 4 - player co - op and new power - ups: the Propeller Mushroom, the Ice Flower and the Penguin Suit. The Propeller Mushroom allows the player to launch its
  • steam to a four - cylinder triple expansion engine, connected to a single propeller shaft. Maximum speed was 15 knots 28 km h 17 mph and the ship could
  • Wolnosci square. Lunapark among other things consisted of Ferris wheel, huge propeller kind of attraction called Extreme or the Catapult. For younger participants
  • place followed by Mary Coddens cosmos 8th place Loren Mackey propeller 7th place Patrick Kelly blackguard 6th place and Dorothy Karrick
  • 5 - cylinder air - cooled radial piston engine, 89 kW 120 hp Propellers 2 - bladed fixed pitch wooden propeller Performance Maximum speed: 165 km h 103 mph, 89 kn
  • HMS Marigold was a Flower - class corvette of the Royal Navy. She was launched on 4 September 1940 and served an eventful career before being sunk by an
  • HMCS Chambly was a Flower - class corvette serving in the Royal Canadian Navy. She was ordered from Canadian Vickers Ltd. in Montreal, laid down on 20 February
  • York. While other ships had been built of iron or equipped with a screw propeller Great Britain was the first to combine these features in a large ocean - going
  • turned out the propeller steamer Favorite and the gasoline propeller Pastime. In 1901, Ellingson launched Echo and J. Warren, a 10 - ton propeller steamer, both
  • mottling that fades with age. T. stamineum flowers between March and May, depending on latitude. A solitary flower is carried directly on the leaves. Unlike
  • Inglis the central propeller of 4 feet 1.2 m diameter was exchanged for one of 4 feet 9 inches 1.45 m diameter, and the outer propellers of 2 feet 10 inches
  • and pink shell - shaped flowers with darker coloration at the base. It is valued in horticulture as groundcover, and for the flowers which bloom in winter
  • Aconit formerly HMS Aconite was one of the nine Flower - class corvettes lent by the Royal Navy to the Free French Naval Forces. During World War II, she
  • Johnny and Mary. Hukkelberg s fifth studio album - Trust - was released by Propeller Recordings 20 October 2017. Hukkelberg s newest album, Birthmark, was
  • Castle - class corvettes were an improved and enlarged derivative of the earlier Flower - class corvettes, which was intended to be built by shipyards that could
  • found that where plants have been damaged mechanically, such as by the propellers of boats, the cut ends of rhizomes are unable to grow and holes may develop
  • look like velvety propellers Wooly Congea blooms in late winter to spring. From late winter to spring it produces sprays of white flowers backed by bracts
  • species and the only one native to alpine tundra. Cyclamen coum has similar flowers but grows mostly at lower elevations. Where the two species are found
  • SS Frank Flowers was a Liberty ship built in the United States during World War II. She was named after Frank Flowers a veteran of the Spanish - American
  • die Welt Die Kinokritiker: Short - bio about Prashant Prabhakar German Propeller TV: Short - bio about Prashant Prabhakar German Prashant Prabhakar s profile
  • HMS Mallow was a Flower - class corvette commissioned into the Royal Navy that served as a convoy escort during World War II with the Royal Navy in 1940 1944

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