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Cinema of Finland

★ Cinema of Finland

In the Finnish cinema has a long history, starting with the first public screening almost as early as modern motion picture was invented. It took more than a decade before the first Finnish film was shot and shown in 1907. After these first steps of Finnish cinema, the progress was very slow. After 1907 there were two periods when no Finnish films. This was partly due to the political situation, as Finland held a status as an Autonomous part of the Russian Empire and thus under the influence of world political situation.

In 1917 Finland became an independent country in 1918 there was a civil war. After the political situation had settled and stabilized, the Finnish society and its cultural life began to develop. It was very clear from the cinematic arts. It was released more movies and they become an important part of Finnish society. The culmination of this development came soon after the era of silent films, circa the 1940s and 1950s, when there were three large studios producing the movies and fighting for the market. When society changed in the 1960-ies, partly because of political trends and partly because new forms of entertainment like television, the appeal of the films was threatened, practically all studios were closed and films became political and too artistic for the masses, while industrial production was considered in the past and it is unpleasant. Few filmmakers were opposed to this development, and kept producing popular films that were reprimanded by the critics, but loved by the people.

A revival in Finnish cinema came in the 1990s, partly influenced a new generation of Directors who bring new ideas, and partly because commercial success was no longer considered "non-artistic", thus, commercial film projects started to receive support from public funds. In 2000 years of Finnish cinema is alive and well, some films and filmmakers gaining global success and many films get good response from viewers and critics. Today, around 15-20 Finnish full-length feature films produced each year, and the Finnish cinema is gaining new forms from the global influence, such as action and UNL.

Most of the Finnish cinema company Finnkino cinema complex owned.


1.1. History. 1896-1920: Before Independence. (1896-1920: До Провозглашения Независимости)

The company Lumiere showed the first moving images in Helsinki in 1896, but it was not until 1904 that the first movies were filmed in Finland. It is unknown who shot the first movie called the new from Helsinki school youth at the gap, but he was shown the American Cathedral in December. The first Finnish film, Atelier Apollo, was founded in 1906 by engineer K. E. Ståhlberg. It is produced mainly documentaries, as well as the first Finnish feature film, moonshiners 1907. From the very beginning, Finnish film production was focused on the countrys capital, although for several years, starting in 1907 there was a noteworthy company Oy Maat ja Kansat production of short documentaries in Tampere.

On moonshiners was directed by Teuvo Puro, who was also to lead the first full-length Finnish feature, Sylvie, based on a play by Minna Kant. The film was shot in 1911, along with two other feature-length film adaptations of literature, but not premiered until 1913. The filmmakers did not have enough money to send movies to the nearest laboratory in Copenhagen immediately that the material has remained undeveloped for too long and destroyed two of the three films.

After Sylvie was created the first active feature film company, Hjalmar V. Pohjanheimos Lyyra website filmi, which produced both short farces and "movies". There was also an attempt to create a large-scale production of the movie Erik Estlander, who build a Studio with glass walls and roof in Helsinki in 1916. At the end of the same year, Russian officials prohibit all actions were recorded in Finland, so it was nothing special even before independence in 1917.

The Finnish film industry in the first two decades of the 20th century was never even near the creativity or the productivity of its Scandinavian neighbors, Sweden and Denmark – one might even say that it was barely no industry or production at all. In addition, most of the frames shot before independence is lost. From the film, only thirteen minutes, Sylvie remains.


1.2. History. Suomi-Filmi Website. (Сайт Суоми-Сайт Filmi)

It wasnt until the 1920s before regular film production started, thanks to the successful company by the name of Suomi-filmi, the website founded under the name Suomen Filmikuvaamo in 1919 and its creative leader Erkki Karu. He also directed the most important films of the era and was the Prime figure of Finnish cinema before his early death in 1935. The village shoemakers 1923-important silent masterpiece, recently told peoples Comedy after Aleksis kivis play with gently experimental cinematography at the German Kurt Jager. Other notable films by Karu include: Logrollers bridesmaid 1923, with excellent cinematography on Jagger and Oscar Lindelof, as well as the first Finnish film distributed widely abroad, when the father has a toothache 1923, a short and surrealistic farce; and our boys 1929 patriotisic the forerunner of many military farces.

Audience from an agrarian country suffered from Suomi-Filmis rural subjects. Dealing with deep national history of the area remained the policy of the company through the silent era. Sometimes there were some attempts to make a more urban, or more "European" films as Karus Summer fairy tale in 1925, but the public to stay away.

Another important Director at Suomi-filmi website was the aforementioned Puro, which made the company the First feature of Ollis years of apprenticeship 1920 and is one of the few Finnish horror movies, evil spells 1927. Interesting oddity of the last two silent years was Carl von haartman, soldier and adventurer, who worked as a military adviser in Hollywood. Because of this, he was considered capable of directing. His two top-class spy drama, the Supreme victory 1929 and 1930, the Mirage, was quite bearable, but not to attract the public.


1.3. History. Other companies. (Другие компании)

Suomi-filmi dominant website of the Finnish film industry in the 1920-ies. The company produced 23 out of 37 full-length films produced in the period 1919-1930. Other companies that occasionally there was seemed to vanish from Suomi-Filmis and Erkki Karus after producing one or two films. The most important of these alternative production plants appeared in the second half of the decade.

German cameraman Jagger left Suomi-filmi website, and formed his own troupe Comedy website filmi. This is linked with a global film trust Ufanamet, which at that time owned a large part of the film distribution of Finland, thus, a great threat to Suomi-filmi website. Suomi-filmi website defended itself with national values, accusing the Comedy website filmi and Ufanamet for foreign invaders. Luckily for Suomi-filmi website, both companies were unsuccessful. Comedy website filmi made only two films, the last of which, on the Road of Life, 1927, directed by Jagger and Ragnar Hartwall interesting attempt to make some modern Comedy.

In 1929 saw the premiere of the first two films created by a minor company Fennica and directed by Valentin of Baal, who yet was to come one of the greatest Directors of the Golden years of Finnish cinema. When he started to do the first one of those dark eyes he was only 17 years old, and his leading actor Theodor tugai, later Teuvo Tulio 14 years. This film and its instant remake the Gypsy Charmer were new, passionate dramas with clearly Oriental influences. Unfortunately, only the last one remained, the filmmakers destroyed the only negative of dark eyes by throwing it into the sea, because they thought that the remake is much better.

There are also enterprises for the production of films outside the capital, but at least the films made in Viipuri and Oulu were too primitive to even premiere at Helsinki. No tears at the fair in 1927-people of snowy woods 1928, two now lost films in Tampere by Aquila-Suomi and directed by Uuno Escola attemptsl better, at least according to their contemporaries. Nothing permanent production was left in Tampere, but one of the Aquilas producers, painter Kalle Kaarna, proved himself as a talented Director in his own right. His first film with the blade in 1928 was boldly advertised as a neutral story about the painful civil war of 1918, and his second film, the Song about the heroism of labour 1929 introduced although nominally a new kind of Proletarian hero to the public. Unfortunately, these films have disappeared forever.


1.4. History. 1931-1933: the coming of sound. (1931-1933: приход звука)

The first experiments with sound were made Lahyn-filmi website, a provincial company operating in Turku. The first feature-length sound film with the song and the conversation was Lahyns to say it in Finland in 1931, Director, leader, Yrjo company Nyberg later North. This lost film was more musical Revue than a feature.

Suomi-filmi website has transformed their production from silent to sound film in the same year. The first Finnish film with soundtrack was the companys dressed like Adam and like eve a bit too 1931, based on a popular play by agapetus alias Yrjo Soini. There was only music and some sound effects on the soundtrack, so the companys First true sound film was Karus lumberjacks bridesmaid 1931, another rural drama.


1.5. History. Studio system. (Студия система)

In 1933, Cara kicked out of Suomi-filmi website, my own company. He took his revenge out on the creation of new Suomen Filmiteollisuus, which started to use initials SF in its logo. This company managed much better than previous attempts to compete with Suomi-filmi website, and after a couple of successful Comedy directed by Karu was already as large as its rival. It seemed at this moment for Karu to create successful production companies in Finland.

Competition between the two companies proved to be fruitful. At the end of the decade there was about twenty full-length every year. The product quality was high, the field of objects, the expansion and popularity of national cinema is growing. With its stars and creators, the Finnish film industry began to remind a national miniature of Hollywood. Along with two major studios, some secondary did well also.

Sound had increased the publics desire to see domestic films. The big breakthrough for Finnish talkies came with the foreman of Siltala farm 1934, a well-written Comedy Suomi-filmi website, which was visited by more than 900 000 spectators.


1.6. History. Suomi-Filmi Website. (Сайт Суоми-Сайт Filmi)

Erkki Karu was instantly replaced by Risto Orko as a Director of the company, a place he held until 1990-ies, although it was long after the company stopped filming. Orko was directed by the foreman of Siltala farm, and he returned to directing a few times, especially with two historical and Patriotic drama at the end of the decade: soldier 1938 the bride and activists 1939. Most of his films as a Director remains elusive.

The most important Director at Suomi-filmi site Valentine Baal that amazing creative period in the late 1930-ies. After the silent years, Vaala was sent to more than three films for the first Fennica company. When he began the fourth, the company went bankrupt. Now he moved to Suomi-filmi website, and though his first film has it all love, 1935 was a rather modest Comedy, it was very popular, and most importantly, introduced two of the most popular Finnish stars to the public: ANSA Ikonen and Tauno Palo.

Vaalas latest Fennica-movies was the city Comedy, the genre which he very strongly developed in his new Studio with his two lightweight films substitute wife and substitute her husband as 1936. Hulda of Juurakko 1937 was a much more serious attempt in the same field: a socially responsible story about a country girl who arrives in the big city, and who are inevitably faced with the problem of inequality between the sexes. The film and its theme was met with great enthusiasm from the audience.

Vaala was also a teacher in a rural subjects and romantic melodramas. In 1938 he made the first and Best film in the series of agrarian family Saga of Niskavuori women.


1.7. History. SF

After his early death in 1935, Karu was replaced by Toivo Sarkka in the parent company. Sarkka led SF until its bankruptcy in 1965. Sarkka was the most prolific producer and Director, the Finnish film have never seen it over 200 feature productions in his filmography, in which he led 51. With Yrjo NORTA, he has directed much of the companys films in the 1930-ies, including the religious drama as dream and shadow. 1937 and domestic historical picture to appear in February 1939. Sarkkas and Nortas output includes some highly popular folk comedies type Lapatossu, 1937 to with the beloved comedian Aku Korhonen – shelf trouble the boy 1938, the model of Finnish military farce genre and the parade of SF 1940, the first real Finnish musical Comedy.


1.8. History. Other companies. (Другие компании)

Along with Suomi-filmi and website of SF, several small companies were able to produce many films during the Golden age. With Vaalas movies, like local poverty performances the most entertaining movies of the 1930-ies.


2. New Wave from 1960 to 1980. (Новая Волна с 1960 по 1980 год)

The new generation of filmmakers was ready to take on the old industrial companies like Suomi-filmi and website of SF, collapsed. Risto Jarva was inspired by the French avant-garde and new wave, which happened to social realism seen in Tyomiehen paivakirja 1967, and in the end Comedy scrap Janiksen vuosi 1976 and 1977. Mikko Niskanen started his career back in 1962 with Pojat, starring then unknown VESA-Matti loiri. Niskanen ushering in a new wave with the Kapy Selan Alla Lapualaismorsian 1966 and 1967. In 1960-e years also marked the rise of a new style of Comedy under Finnish Pertti Pasanen, such as X-Paroni, noin 7 Veljesta and Nakoradiomiehen Ihmeelliset Siekailut. Rauni home adapted two of Timo K. Mukkas magically realistic novels of Lapland on the big screen: Maa on syntinen laulu 1973 and 1983 milk.


3. Kaurismäki era of the 1980s years. (Эра Каурисмяки 1980-х годов)

The old guard of the previous film generation was symbolically thrown from the throne in the early 1980-ies in the Soviet-Finnish co-production, Tulitikkuja lainaamassa, then Tapio Suominens Taalta tullaan, elama!. Edvin Laine and Mikko Niskanen of the last movie, and the decade saw nearly 30 directorial debuts, including movies from Mika & Aki kaurismäki, Markku Lehmuskallio, Pirjo Honkasalo, Taavi Kassila, Janne Kuusi paadihaagise, Matti Kuortti, Matti Ijas, Olli Soinio, Lauri Torhonen, Claes Olsson, Veikko Aaltonen, and Pekka Parikka.

Valehtelija 1981 and 1982 Arvottomat, Directed by Mika kaurismäki and written by Aki, to break the status quo in the Finnish film industry and bring back the creativity and small scale production. Mika went to a more traditional way of film making in his career with Klaani 1984, 1985 Rosso, and Helsinki Naples all night long 1987. Aki took less variance in the style and theme, and his films are known for minimalistic non-verbal communication and dead-pan delivery of dialogue. Although AKI is best known for the Suomi trilogy, kauas pilvet karkaavat 1996, Mies vailla menneisyytta 2002, Laitakaupungin valot 2006, his work also includes Comedy such as Leningrad cowboys go America 1989.


4. Since 1990-ies at present. (С 1990-х годов в настоящее время)

In the early 1990-ies do not look too good for the film industry, because the economy was in severe recession. The financing of the film was not a priority for the government-backed Finnish film Foundation, which is responsible for much of the funding for cinema in Finland. Fortunately, the situation could be completely flipped on its head in 1999 when almost 30 domestic films, the premiere. Poika ja Ilves, Hajyt, and Kulkuri ja Joutsen enjoyed in more than 200 000 viewers each, and contributed to the popularity of domestic films, where it was ten years ago.

Prolific Directors introduced in the 1990s, years include Markku Polonen, Auli Mantila, and the Yoke of Lampela. A few popular genres can be distinguished for the last two decades. Rukajarven tie, in Pikkusisar, and Hylatyt talot, autiot pihat take place during the time of world war II. Kulkuri ja Joutsen is not 1999, 2000 Badding, Rentun Ruusu 2001, 2003 Sibelius, and Aleksis Kiven elama 2002 to portray the life of popular public figures in Finland.

2005 saw the release of Amateur science fiction parody film star wreck: in the Pirkinning, which was released online for free download. The film has been downloaded over 9 million times and is on the international level, the most viewed film from Finland.

In 2011, Finland produced 31 films, 24 of which were full length and the other seven were documentaries.

In 2016, the three most popular movies in Finland, all Finnish family movies: Ricky rapper and Nighthawk 2016, angry birds movie 2016, and Kanelia kainaloon, Tatu ja Patu! 2016.

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The films of Aki and Mika Kaurismaki are part of a globalising Finnish cinema, challenging conventional parameters at every turn. This work examines the films. Cannes 2012: Inaugural Finnish Event Launches Hollywood. NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema is currently looking for new Board Interview by Otto Kylmala Finland & Video by João Valentim Portugal. Global film market, regional problems Giuseppe Richeri, 2016. See Kaurismaki in the context of Finnish cultural history and cinema, but also as part of a nordic cinema in transition between the national and transnational. NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema. Finnish cinema is somewhat older, as small scale film production started film history of a national cinema was explored from a transnational point of view. CV Pietari Kaapa. The Finnish cinema has a long history, with the first public screenings starting almost as early. With its own stars and creative producers, Finnish film industry began to remind a national miniature of Hollywood. Alongside with the two big.

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9 Jul 2019 The Eurasia International Film Festival EIFF, taking place from June 30 to of the Board of the State Center for the Support of the National Cinema. Its A Finnish Affair: Exploring Finlands Cinema At The Helsinki Festival. 1920–1930: The Silent. Nordic National Cinemas explores the film histories and cultures of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The authors examine each countrys. Observations on film art National cinemas Russia and USSR. His second feature Black Ice premiered in Berlinale 2008 in competition, was a box office hit in Finland, won six national film awards, and has been screened at. Swedish National Cinema Course Hero. SILENCE PLEASE: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto The Pordenone Silent. On the 100th anniversary of its independence, LUX, Finnish festival of light, is a must. All with a final visit to the National Cinema Museum located within the Mole. CINECRI dakamconferences. 25 Nov 2015 The foreword, entitled Irish National Cinema – What Have We Wrought? perspectives come from France, Germany, Finland and America.

Directory of World Cinema Finland, Kaapa.

2 Oct 2016 The difficulties the Finnish film industry has faced through most of its history derive to a significant extent from just how small the national film. Nordic National Cinemas by Tytti Soila Goodreads. Chapter. Gunnar Iverson media studies Nordic. National Cinemas explores the film histories and cultures of Denmark, Finland. Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Cinema experiences – Flying Cinema Tour of Helsinki. Stay up to date with new movie news, watch the latest movie trailers & get trusted reviews of upcoming movies & more from the team at Collider. The 100 years of Independent Finnish Cinema Aalto Big Hall, Toolo. Nordic National CinemasNordic National Cinemas explores the film histories and cultures of Denmark, Finland, Iceland,. The Legend Of Hercules: why Hollywoods immigrant directors try. 17 Feb 2018 A dramatic era in Finnish history gets an expensive, staid showcase in foundational to its national identity in the closest thing cinema has to.

Hamlet, Cinema and the Histories of Western Europe Chapter One.

Cannes marks a unique achievement in the history of Finnish cinema. The prizes were more evidence of an ongoing surge in the national film industry. In the. Reference Books in Buley Library Film Criticism Research Guides. 10 Sep 2019 Lenin speaks at Finland Station. Kerensky and his officials luxuriate in their Winter Palace headquarters. Sailors wait on the Aurora battleship. The CNC French National Cinema Center launches ACM. The Galway Film Fleadh is an international film festival founded in 1989 as part of for international cinema in Ireland and an advocate for Irish national cinema. Founded in 1986 by the Finnish directors Aki and Mika Kaurismaki as well as. Moomins on the Riviera SIFF. Many national film industries from the days of early cinema to the postmodern age. Still, I will suggest that the exhaustive use of ylimenos in Finland dur. Museo Nazionale del Cinema Turin, Italy Attractions Lonely Planet. 16 Dec 2016 The Chinese box office and film admissions are growing year after year and Chinese national films regained market leadership the year after and grew Helsinki, Finland VTT Technical Research Centre Aalto University.

Globalisation, Multicultural Reality and the Creative Diversity of.

Purchase tickets & view trailers for the latest feature films, independent movies & foreign cinema showing at Landmark Theatres Atlanta,GA. Cinema of Finland pedia. Furthermore, it is often difficult to draw national boundaries around films. In Finland, although there is no overall film strategy, there are several agencies and. Collider: New Movie News, Movie Trailers & Upcoming Movie Reviews. View Swedish National Cinema from FMST 211 at Concordia University. Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and parts of Karelian peninsula Protestant in faith. The Finnish documentary: a critical overview of historical. 18 Jun 2019 The British Film Catalogue 1895 1985: a Reference Guide. Surveys the significant developments in the major national or regional cinemas since the end of World War II. Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland. 1 Boston University Study Abroad London European Cinema From. Cowie, Peter: Finnish Cinema, Tantivy Press: 1976. Cowie Iversen, Gunnar, A. Soderbergh Widding & Tytti Soila: Nordic National Cinemas, Routledge: 1998. The auteurial national nexus and Aki Kaurismakis Finland trilogy. 23 Jan 2019 The Danish Film Institute is the national agency responsible for supporting and encouraging Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland.

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