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★ Ain Al-Basha

Ayn al-Basha is a Jordanian locality that is the center of the Ayn al-Basha district in al-Balqa governorate, on the road between Sweileh and Jerash, and it is connected to the village of Safut with the al-Baqaa camp road and the town of al-Sol.


1. Name. (Имя)

Pasha is a Turkish title that was given to high-ranking military and those who held high civilian positions, i.e., the head of state or President. Ain al-Basha was named by this name because Ibrahim Pasha descended to the eye of the water in it while passing through this area.


2. Population. (Население)

They make up the population of the city of ain al-Basha between 70-80 thousand distributed among several districts, such as Prince Ali neighborhood, Qutaybah district, al-Balad and al-Zahra neighborhoods, Umm Safatin, Western Shuwaihi neighborhood, and Imam Al-Shafii. surroundings. It has several dwellings such as equestrian housing, urban development housing and qaqish housing. While the population of the ain al-Basha district is about 300.000 people.


3. Steward. (Стюард)

The townspeople depend on jobs, agriculture and trade, and there are 22 (twenty-two) factories, such as the dairy industry, the production of aluminum, paper bags, ceramics and pharmaceuticals.


4. Education. (Образование)

There are a number of public schools for both sexes from primary to secondary school and in various academic branches and 12 kindergartens for children and 9 childrens centers and more than 15 private schools, the most famous of which are al-Majd, Amman itself, the schools of creativity and achievement.

Near ain al-Basha is the Philadelphia University of Jordan on the road to Jerash and the private University of applied Sciences in Shafa Badran to the East of ain al-Basha, as well as al-Ahliya University Amman to the southwest of ain al-Basha.

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