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Bitov Castle

★ Bitov Castle

Bitov castle on a steep promotory towering above the meandering river, the Zeletavka, near the Vranov reservoir, in the village of Bitov, approximately 25 km Northwest of Znojmo, Czech Republic. Built in the 11th century, Bitov is one of the oldest and largest Moravian castles.

Peemyslid fortified settlement originally stood on the site and entered the Church of our lady of Kostelik Mrs. Marie. The Fort was rebuilt in the first half of the 13th century as an impregnable Gothic fortress guarding the southern border of the land Peemyslid. In the 14th century, the new chambers were built, along with the late Gothic fortifications. Lords Bitov became the new owners of the castle, settled here for four centuries. They committed to further improve the defensive capabilities of the castle.

Bitov was finally rebuilt in the Baroque style, and received its present form in the early 19th century, when it passed into the hands of the counts of Daun. Descendants of Marshal Daun, the famous military leader, rebuilt the castle in the spirit of romantic style. Between 1811 and 1845 was created a lavishly decorated ceremonial halls, on the basis of proposals of Anton Schuler. The culmination of the re-Gothicising work was the remodelling of the Church of the Dormition, the Church of Nanebevzeti Mrs. Marie Viennense architect Anton Rucker, who left the original Gothic style. At the end of the 20th century, Bitov has recently undergone extensive refurbishment.

The block diagram of the castle through the restructuring, which was carried out several times later, is an example of the Czech early Gothic castle. The location is very difficult and leads in one direction towards the front ditch, which is wedge-shaped round towers pointed out. The outer tower, above the moat, was later merged with the lock body and the other one tower is at the rear of the courtyard.

  • Bitov may refer to: Bitov Novy Jicin District - village in the Czech Republic Bitov Znojmo District - village in the Czech Republic Bitov Castle
  • 25 km northwest of Znojmo, in Znojmo District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It has an 11th - century castle known as Bitov Castle
  • Cornstejn Castle Czech: hrad Cornstejn or Cornstyn, Corstejn, Corstyn, German: Zornstein is a castle near Bitov 31 kilometres 19 mi west of Znojmo
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  • the Bitovy mountains with the peaks Doubrava 727 m Maly Bitov 668 m and Velky Bitov 713 m The nearest neighbours of Polen are Pusperk, Polenka
  • construction works were directed by the later Karlstejn burgrave Vitus of Bitov but there are no records of the builder himself. Some historians speculate
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