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  • may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album A producer has many, varying roles during the recording process. They may gather
  • born 16 August 1960 known by his professional pseudonym Flood, is a British post - punk and alternative rock record producer and audio engineer. Flood s
  • SS501 s upcoming albums allkpop. 6Theory Media. March 27, 2010. Retrieved November 15, 2010. Arama Japan Interviews Songwriter Producer Steven Lee
  • record producer rapper and singer from Detroit, Michigan. He is perhaps best known for producing several hit singles, including Sexy Can I by Ray J
  • In 1998, he replaced Scott Litt as R.E.M. s in - house producer co - producing three of their albums Up, Reveal and Around the Sun as well as the Man on the
  • Simon Garfunkel worked with another Columbia staff producer Bob Johnston, who produced several albums for both acts. In 1966, Wilson signed the Mothers
  • Andrew Dawson born March 12, 1980 is an American music producer engineer, mixer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Dawson is a three - time
  • April 23, 1986 known professionally as Cirkut, is a Canadian record producer and songwriter. He has co - produced and co - written for Rihanna, Ava Max
  • Pablo, and Ye albums He also co - produced with West on his collaboration album with Jay - Z, Watch the Throne. Dean was an additional producer on Mercy and
  • He has scored multiple chart topping albums while working with Ariana Grande on all five of her studio albums Brown has also collected production credits
  • Ashcroft on his solo albums He produced and mixed Ashcroft s debut album Alone with Everybody, the follow - up Human Conditions, the third album Keys to the World
  • Brendan O Brien born June 30, 1960 is a record producer mixer, engineer, and musician. He has worked with such artists as Stone Temple Pilots, The Wallflowers
  • Townshend s younger brother He was chief engineer on the first three solo albums by Pete Townshend, including Empty Glass and White City: A Novel. He contributed
  • founding producer of Integrity Music and the Hosanna Music series distributed by Sony. For his production work Brooks has been awarded 6 Platinum Albums 12
  • staff writer and producer During this time, Thomas produced over 16 albums for various artists earning over 20 No. 1 singles. Encouraged by this success
  • Album 2004 List of number - one albums of 2003 U.S. List of number - one R B albums of 2003 U.S. Toure November 19, 2003 Jay - Z: The Black Album
  • sound engineer and record producer who is best known for his work with the band Genesis. He has also produced solo albums for several members of Genesis
  • co - produced most of SST s pivotal acts between 1979 and 1986. He is credited on albums by such notable bands as Black Flag, Minutemen, Mood of Defiance, Meat Puppets
  • Keith Harris is an American record producer songwriter and musician. Grammy Award - winning record producer songwriter, music director, touring drummer
  • born February 6, 1990 better known by his stage name Sap stylized as SAP is an American hip hop record producer and rapper from Newark, Delaware. SAP
  • resulted in multi - platinum sales and spawned 13 additional albums produced by Bright, yielding album sales of over four million. Despite this success, Bright
  • Boomtown Rats amongst others. His breakthrough was as assistant producer on the 1981 debut album by Heaven 17, Penthouse and Pavement. Following this success
  • 2000 The following is a select list of albums in which Jacoby has worked on as either producer co - producer composer, mixer or engineer, showing song
  • Shebib born March 31, 1983 better known as 40, is a Canadian record producer songwriter and former child actor from Toronto, Ontario. He is best known
  • Portrait Records by producer Tom Werman, who had worked with Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon and Mother s Finest. They released two albums for the Portrait
  • an English - born Swiss - based record producer engineer and musician. In the Mountain Studios in Montreux, owned by the rock band Queen, and in Attalens
  • on the UK Albums Chart for nine weeks seven of them consecutively and it became the best - selling album of 1982 there, the first album by a female performer
  • Christgau s Record Guide: Rock Albums of the Seventies 1981 Robert Christgau said, While compilation albums by album artists as opposed to stylistically
  • mother. Malay has produced for a number of artists. He was producer for John Legend in the album Evolver 2008 and Frank Ocean in channel ORANGE 2012
  • orchestrator and record producer best known for his work in the UK classical pop crossover genre. He has worked on albums and projects for a wide range

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