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Caragana is a genus of about 80-100 species of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, native to Asia and Eastern Europe.

It is shrubs or small trees growing 1-6 m a 3.3–19.7 feet tall. They have even-pinnate leaves with small leaflets, and solitary or clustered mostly yellow, rarely white or pink flowers and bearing seeds in a linear pod.

Caragana species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including dark Dagger.

  • Caragana arborescens, the Siberian peashrub Siberian pea - tree, or caragana, is a species of legume native to Siberia and parts of China Heilongjiang
  • This was not to be the case. The procession was marched to a grove of peashrub trees on Bryanskaya street, where Sasha and the two others were hanged
  • vexilliflexus, bent - flowered milkvetch Caragana arborescens, siberian peashrub Coronilla varia, common crown - vetch Cytisus scoparius, Scotch broom Dalea
  • ailanthi, horse - chestnuts, sugar maples, maple trees, birches, Siberian peashrubs purple hazels, purple European beeches, Kentucky coffeetrees, grandiflora
  • primarily lives on the seed of the sand alyssum, Nitre Bush, Siberian peashrub Dracocephalum peregrinum, and milkvetch as well as sedges during the summer - months
  • ylang Canarina Canistrum Canna Cantua Capparis Capsicum pepper Caragana peashrub Caralluma Cardamine bittercress Cardiocrinum Cardiospermum Cardwellia
  • Viola sororia common blue violet 6.0 7.8 Caragana arborescens Siberian peashrub 6.0 9.0 Cotoneaster integerrimus cotoneaster 6.8 8.7 Opuntia ficus - indica

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