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★ The Jungle Book, 1994 film - 1994 in film ..

The Jungle Book (1994 film)

★ The Jungle Book (1994 film)

Rudyard Kiplings the jungle Book live action 1994 American adventure film co-written and directed by Stephen Sommers, produced by Edward S. Feldman and Raju Patel, the story of Ronald Yanover and mark Geldman. This is the second film adaptation by the Walt Disney company from the stories about Mowgli from the jungle Book and the Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and the first adaptation of the Walt Disney animated film of the same name in 1967.

Starring: Jason Scott Lee, Cary Elwes, Lena heady, Sam Neill, John Cleese, Jason Flemyng and implementation. In this version, the animals do not speak.

Released on Christmas day, 25 December 1994, Walt Disney, the film received positive reviews from critics and grossed more than $43.2 million in theaters compared to a budget of $ 30 million.

Another adaptation titled Jungle Book was released in the year 2016, being the closest adaptation to the cartoon 1967.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In 1886, during the British Raj in India, Mowgli is the 5-year-old son of the widowed Nathoo, whose wife died in childbirth. Nathoo works as a guide. On one of their tours, leading Colonel Geoffrey Brydon and his men as well as Brydons 5-year-old daughter, Catherine, nicknamed cat. Local hunter Buldeo and two soldiers kill a few animals for sport, which infuriates Sher Khan, the tiger who is the guardian of the jungle and he starts to chase with the tour group. That night, kitty gives Mowgli to her late mothers bracelet as a gift. Says Nathoo Mowgli dreams, where he faced Sher Khan and showed no fear that he was a tiger. The attack of Shere Khan in the camp. He succeeded in killing two of the soldiers, but when he tries to kill Buldeo, Nathoo defends him and subsequently mauled to death by Shere Khan. In the confusion, Mowgli is lost in the jungle with his pet wolf, Grey brother, and Brydon and his men assume he was killed. Mowgli Bagheera was adopted, tender Black Panther, in a wolf pack. Mowgli also befriends a bear named Baloo.

Twenty years later, Mowgli is an adult, discovers monkey city, a legendary ancient city filled with treasure belonging to king Louie the orangutan, who has his treasure guarded by Kaa the Python. Forced to fight for his life, Mowgli manages to injure a snake with a Golden dagger, which he gets from the hordes of treasure. The victory of king Louis due respect, Mowgli keeps the dagger as a trophy.

Elsewhere, kitty and Colonel Brydon was still in India. She and Mowgli meet again, but does not recognize others. Kitty is also in a relationship with one of the Brydons soldiers, captain William Boone. Passionate about Mowgli goes to Kittys the village and enters her house, alerting the guards. Kitty sees that Mowgli is her mothers bracelet and realizes who he is. Boone and his men manage to capture Mowgli and download the dagger of city monkey in your possession. Kitty and Dr. Julius Plumford, a good friend Brydons, decided that they should return Mowgli to civilization. At the same time, Mowgli and kitty fall in love, much to the displeasure of the centre. In the end, Boone convinces Mowgli to tell him about the city of monkeys and the treasure that he holds, but Mowgli without revealing your location to Boone realized his lack of respect for the jungle. Boone later proposes to kitty, although she doesnt want to concede. Around this time, after Boone and his men to publicly humiliate him, Mowgli returns to the jungle as he does not feel at home in the village. After the center of ill-treatment of Mowgli, kitten realizes that she cannot marry Boone, so she decides to return to England to get away from him.

Meanwhile, Boone and his assistants Lieutenant Wilkins and Sergeant Harley team with Buldeo. They hire a guide of the jungle by the name tobacco and gather some bandits to capture Mowgli in order to learn where the treasure. Wilkins and Boone to shoot the Ball when he comes to Mowglis defense, to Mowgli disaster. Then Buldeo and the bandits ambush and kitty Brydon, who is wounded in the process. Although Mowgli with Bagheera, Grey brother and the other wolves attack and kill most of the bandits, Buldeo manages to capture kitty Brydon and transmits them, Boone and his men who plan to use them as blackmail: if Mowgli leads them to the treasure, kitty and her father will live. That night, the group to know Sherkhan hunting them due to them shooting the Ball. Because of this, Mowgli decides to run.

The next morning, Harley catches Mowgli escaping with Bagheera and chases after him, only to fall into the swamp and drown, despite Wilkinss attempts to save him. Then Mowgli elephant take the injured Brydon back to the village, promising to him to save kitty. As the group in achieving its goals, the tobacco Mowgli decides what is no longer needed and tries to kill him, only to be killed himself after toppling over the cliff. Later, Wilkins separated from the group and mauled to death by Shere Khan. In the end, the remaining party included in monkey city, Buldeo accidentally where entombs himself in the trap of trying to shoot Mowgli. Only Mowgli, kitty and Boone reach the treasure chamber where Mowgli and Boone engage in a fierce battle, while Mowgli injuries Boone with another Dagger. Then Mowgli flees with kitty, while Boone begins greedily pocketed the treasure, only for king Louis to call Kaa, who continues to attack and kill Boone.

As they escape from the city monkeys, Mowgli and kitty are faced with Sher Khan, who growls at them. However, Mowgli growls, leading Sher Khan to become impressed with his courage, to recognize it as a creature from the jungle, and Mowgli and allow the kitten to leave peacefully.

Mowgli and kitty to meet the Colonel and Baloo, both of whom recovered from their injuries Plumfords care. Mowgli becomes the new Lord of the jungle once he realized his childhood dream in front of Sher Khan no fear and he starts Dating kitty.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Jason Scott Lee in the role of Mowgli, a 25-year-old man, who became an orphan at the age of 5 and was raised by animals in the jungles of India.
  • Sean accumulates as a 5-year-old Mowgli.
  • Joanna Woolf, as a 5-year-old kitty.
  • Lena heady as Katherine "kitty" Brydon, the 25-year-old daughter of Colonel Brydon, who is a childhood friend and romantic interest of Mowgli.
  • Cary Elwes as captain William Boone, Kittys guy who wants the wealth of ancient ruins.
  • John Cleese as Dr. Julius Plumford, Colonel Brydons friend who is a doctor of the battalion of Brydons who helps kitty in teaching Mowgli the ways of a man.
  • Ron Donachi as Sergeant Harley, and brutish warrior who sides with Boone during the rebellion.
  • Sam Neill as Colonel Geoffrey Brydon, Kittys father, who is head of the British army stationed in India.
  • Anirudh Agarwal as tobacco, each Buldeos who joins the party Center in the treasure hunt. He was the Golden Jackal and khans henchmen cher in the history of the Kiplings.
  • Jason Flemyng as Lieutenant John Wilkins, a soldier in the battalion Brydons the city and a close friend.
  • Stefan Kalipha as Buldeo, a local hunter who knows about the ancient ruins. Buldeo was a character in the history of the Kiplings, but was changed in this version.
  • Faran Tahir as Nathoo Mowglis father, who was a conductor for the battalion Brydons until he killed Shere Khan. It was the debut film Tahirs.

2.1. Cast. Trained animals. (Дрессированные животные)

  • Shannon as Grays brother, male Indian wolf, Mowgli was a child and was his closest aide.
  • Casey as Baloo, the male black bear who was rescued Mowgli As a Cub and his best friend among the animals.
  • Bombay, like Shere Khan, a male Bengal tiger, which is the custodian of the law of the jungle. Unlike most versions where hes a villain, he is a neutral force of nature in this film.
  • Shadow as Bagheera, the wise man is the Black Panther, who took Mowgli was raised by wolves and watching him.
  • Lowell as king Louie, the male orangutan, who is the leader of a community of apes in the ancient ruins.

Kaa is portrayed as a computer and animatronic Python. Other trained animals included monkeys, Indian elephants, camels, horses, zebu, and wolfdogs. The sounds used for the Monkey in fact, chimpanzees and siamangs. KNB-members of the exchange group is the crew of the Shannon Shi two times on the ball in certain shots at the animatronic bear costume.


3.1. Production. Pre-production. (Pre-продукции)

Raju Patel, an Indian producer, believed that the 100th anniversary of Kiplings "the jungle Book" the history of the publication should be immortalized in the film adaptation. The production was originally intended to be an independent production before Disney got involved and increased the budget. Disney Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg saw the potential of adaptation of the animated classic and appointed Ronald Yonver and mark Goldman to write the project. Unhappy with the scripts, one of which was 180 pages without dialogue for the first 70 pages, Katzenberg passed the project Stephen Sommers once satisfied with his work on the adventures of Huck Finn. Sommers, who is a big fan of the original cartoon and the various adventures in the jungle movies, I was ready to make a lavish, romantic adventure and to show the beauty of the jungle. Leaders were stunned by the decision of the Sommers of the project as some people were expecting an exact recreation of the original cartoon and others wanted a romantic teenager to be the center of attention.

When it came to the casting of Jason Scott Lee Sommers was the only choice for Mowgli. Disney executives labeled him as too old" for this role while Sommers convinced them that it will be much more most likely leads people than an unknown teenager. Lee was also abandoned because the animals reacted to him the best. Sommers and his crew have tried to cast actors in India, but because of the principles of bollywood, their schedules and restrictions on the number of films they are working on would limit them from participating. However, they were able to leave Stefan Kalipha and Anirudh Agarwal before they agreed on all the movies of bollywood. Casting Cary Elwes as captain William Boone, Lena heady, as kitty Brydon, Sam Neill as Colonel Geoffrey Brydon soon followed. The role of Dr. Julius Plumford has always been written for John Cleese, but Sommers was discouraged that Cleese would never accept it. It was not until the last minute that Cleese got the script and fell in love with him, what made him accept the role. Jason Flemyng made his debut in cinema with this film and his role increased after Sommers instantly connected with him.


3.2. Production. Animals. (Животные)

For basic animal actors, male black bear named Casey was selected to play the role of Baloo, a male Panther named Shadow, has been selected to play Bagheera, the male wolf by the name of Shannon was chosen to play Grey brother, a Male tiger named Bombay was chosen to play Sher Khan, the male orangutan by the name of Lowell was selected for the role of king Louis. Lowell being the only animal by playing your character all the way through, and according to Sommers, the easiest and most entertaining animal to work. Sommers dont want animals to speak, but they perform much natural behaviour, and perhaps not as many as possible participants. Animals such as rhesus macaque and Asian elephants were shot in Jodhpur and Bombay, many of them were shot with the jungle scene in Fripp island, South Carolina and fall Creek falls state Park, Tennessee, and scenes with the participation of Lowell, was shot in Studio on a blue screen in Los Angeles due to production not being able to bring them to India. One of the Asian elephant in the production was named Shirley, and she now lives with Diego in Valdosta, Georgia.


3.3. Production. The result. (Результат)

While electronics have dominated most of his work in the early 90-ies, composer Vasily the latest returned to his symphonic roots for his music for the film. Most European versions of Milans official CD release includes "two different worlds", pop song by Kenny Loggins.


4. Release. (Релиз)

The film was released in theaters December 25, 1994 and was a moderate box office success.

Home media. (Домашний медиа)

The film was released by Buena Vista home entertainment on VHS on April 5, 1995. Disney released the film on DVD on 15 January 2002, 1 January 2004, and a limited edition on 22 may 2017.


5.1. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

On the review aggregator website rotten tomatoes, the film received an approval rating of 79% based on 38 reviews, with an average rating of 6.4 / 10. The sites critical consensus reads: "Rudyard Kiplings the jungle Book may not hew as closely to the book As its title suggests, but it still offers entertaining live-action to the story in cartoon form."

The film was well received, with praise for its performances, actions and visual effects, but also scolded for not staying true to Kiplings work, even if his name remains in the title. In particular, Roger Ebert of the "Chicago sun times" shares this view. He said that the film "has so little connection to Rudyard Kipling or his classic book that the title can not be explained".

Sweet innocence Kiplings story about a boy who learns to live among the animals is replaced here "Indiana Jones" clone, Thriller that Kipling would have viewed with astonishment.

He says its a good film, awarding it three stars out of four, but it does not fit the target audience, some "scenes not suitable for young children, and the PG rating is ridiculous."

Brian Laurie of variety said that "technically, the jungle Book is an encyclopedia of wonders, from the dazzling landscapes mainly shot in Jodhpur, India, cinematography, costumes and scenery, to the animals, who often pursue their two-legged counterparts. Even so, the book may be higher if his story is told on one page". Rita Kempley of the Washington Post was more favorable, stating that "the narrative shifts from romance to adventure the way Cheetah used to hop from foot to foot, but Sommers nevertheless delivers a bully family picture."


5.2. Welcome Awards. (Награды)

The film was nominated for outstanding achievement in media award 1994 Golden angel for best film.


6. Video games. (Видео игры)

The film was adapted into a 1996 game, which includes clips from the movie and original plot and new characters. The game follows the player in his or her quest to save the jungle. Soldiers stole the crown of king Louis and the player must recover it to prevent the jungle from losing magic. The player helps a Scotsman named Ilgwom "Mowgli" spelled backwards and his chimpanzee, Lahtee, while also guided by made from memories of Mowgli.

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  • the live - action films The Jungle Book and Christopher Robin. Brigham Taylor started his career as a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival and the Filmmakers

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