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The Invasion (film)

★ The Invasion (film)

The invasion 2007 American science fiction horror film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, with additional scenes written by the Wachowski and Director James McTeigue, starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Caroline Calloway. The plot unfolds in Washington, D.C. psychiatrist who finds those around her are transformed into emotionless creatures, soon after a major accident of the spacecraft.

The development of the film began in 2004. Warner Bros hired David Kajganich to write what was intended to be a remake of the 1956 film Invasion of the body Snatchers, but Kajganich crafted a different story as an original concept and reflect the present. Principal photography began in September 2005. The film was released on August 17, 2007, and gathered 40.2 million dollars against a budget of $ 65-80 million.

The invasion is the fourth adaptation of the novel of 1955 body Snatchers Jack Finney, following don Siegels 1956 the film, Philip Kourmanov a remake of the 1978 and the Abel Ferraras 1993 body Snatchers.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

After the space Shuttle Patriot crashes on Earth, a fungus-like alien life form is discovered on the remaining parts scattered across the United States. When people come in contact with the body, they are controlled when they are in REM sleep. One of the first people infected is Tucker Kaufman, a CDC Director investigating the crash.

Tuckers ex-wife, psychiatrist Carol they starts to feel something is amiss when people seem to have "changed". Her patient, Wendy Lenk plays Veronica Cartwright, who appeared in the film version of 1978 Nancy Bellicec, describes how her husband "is not her husband", and one of the sons of carols friends acting indifferently and without emotion.

Next Halloween, carols son Oliver finds an unusual plot of "skin" at the party, which initially considered that the makeup costume. Carol said that the skin may be the body associated with reports of fast-spreading flu. Carol takes the organism to her friend Dr. Ben Driscoll to have it analyzed.

That night, Ben and Carol to attend a social meeting, dinner with a Russian diplomat Joris and the Czech diplomat Belicec together with his wife Ursula. Carol and Joris debate the violent nature of man for caviar and champagne. Meanwhile, Tucker uses the CDC to spread the disease, disguising the spores as flu vaccine.

Ben and Dr. Stephen Galeano, a biologist, discover how the spore takes over the brain during sleep. During this investigation, Loves calling Ben, worried about the behavior Yorishs. Driscoll and Galeano also found that people who have had brain-affecting illnesses, such as encephalitis or ADEM, are immune to the spore because their previous diseases prevent the spores from "attachment" to the brain tissue. Carols son, Oliver, is immune to spore due to ADEM, hes like a little kid. Carol decides to take her son, who can show the way to recovery, back from Tucker. Before it leads to the house of the Tuckers, she joins the team of Bens called for the house Belicecs, the Czech Ambassador and his wife, in case of an emergency. There they witness the transformation of Joris the Russian Ambassador and friend Belicecs.

When Carol arrives at the home of the Tuckers, he and several of his colleagues close to her. He explains that people have changed, devoid of irrational emotions, we offer you the best the world, and asks her to join them. When Carol resists, he holds her to the ground and infects her let the saliva on it. She escapes and returns to Bens house Belicecs. They flee when Belicec returns with more transformirovalsya people seeking to infect anyone in the house.

Galaneo and one of his aides supervisor at Fort Detrick, near Baltimore, where they and other scientists are trying to find a cure for the virus. Carol and Ben separate to find Oliver, who texts his location, the apartment of Tuckers mother, Carol. Carol goes over and manages to spirit Oliver away, but again pursues Tucker, whom she must kill to stop.

Carol arranges to meet Ben, but it will take some time for him to show, and Carol almost falls asleep, but Oliver saves her. Ben arrives, but Carol discovers that he, too, was converted. He tries to seduce her to give in to a new society that has no crime, war or violence, but openly declares that there is no place for people like Oliver who are immune. Carol shoots Ben in the leg and escapes with Oliver. They pursued, but finally she and Oliver were picked up by helicopter and flown to the medical center. Created vaccine vaccinations done all over the world, and during the year, an alien virus is eliminated. Carol and Ben are back together, and society reverts to its normal emotional and violent ways.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Jackson bond as Oliver.
  • Celia Weston as Ludmilla Belicec.
  • Eric Benjamin as Gene.
  • Josef Sommer as Dr. Henryk Belicec.
  • Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Stephen Galeano.
  • Jeremy Northam as Tucker Kaufman.
  • Nicole Kidman as Dr. Carol they.
  • Jeff Wincott as transit COP.
  • Adam Lefevre as Richard Lenk.
  • Malin Åkerman as autumn uncredited.
  • Roger Rees as Yorish Kagonavich.
  • Joanna Merlin as Joan Kaufman.
  • Stephanie berry as Carly.
  • Daniel Craig as Dr. Ben Driscoll.
  • Susan Floyd as pam.
  • Alexis Raben as Jill.
  • Veronica Cartwright as Wendy Lenk.

3.1. Production. The concept. (Концепция)

In March 2004, Warner Bros. hired screenwriter David Kajganich to write a script that will serve as a remake of the 1956 science fiction film Invasion of the body Snatchers. In July 2005, Director Oliver Hirschbiegel was attached to helm the project, production will start in Edgemere, Maryland. In the following August, Nicole Kidman was cast for the lead role in the film titled After the invasion, receiving a salary of about $ 17 million. The invasion was based on the script by Kajganich, originally intended as a remake of "Invasion of the body Snatchers", but Kajganich has built quite a different story the Studio to see the project as an original conception. Kajganich described the story to reflect modern times, saying, "you just have to look around our world today to see that power inspires nothing more than a desire to preserve it and to eliminate anything that threatens it". Screenwriter said that the story was set in Washington, D.C. to reflect the theme. In August, Daniel Craig was cast opposite Kidman in the lead role. The film, whose original title "Invasion of the body Snatchers" was shortened to invasion due to Kajganichs different concept, was changed once more to visit, so it will not be confused with the ABC Invasion series.


3.2. Production. Shooting. (Съемки)

The shooting of the film commenced on 26 September 2005 in Baltimore and lasted 45 days. Filming also took place in Washington, D.C., including outside the Foggy bottom metro station and DuPont circle. The film had minimal visual effects without having a green screen. Instead, the Director shot from odd camera angles and claustrophobic spaces to increase tension in the film. In October 2006, the visiting changed to the title of the invasion, due to the cancellation of the series ABC. The Studio, however, was dissatisfied with the results Hirschbiegels and hired the wachowskis to rewrite the film and organize an additional survey. The Studio later hired Director James McTeigue to perform re-shoots that would cost $ 10 million and for which McTeigue will not be credited. After 13 months of inactivity, re-shoots took place in January 2007 to enlarge the scene and add an unexpected twist. Re-shoot for 17 days in Los Angeles. During the re-shooting, Kidman was involved in an accident while in the car, was towing a stunt driver and was taken to the hospital for a while. Kidman broke several ribs, but she was able to return to work soon after admission.


3.3. Production. Music. (Музыка)

In may 2007, composer John Ottmann recorded the soundtrack for the invasion, using heavy synthesizers combined with 77-orchestra intended to create "otherworldly foreboding and tension". The music was also designed to have an avant-garde postmodern style, with atmospheric and thrilling action elements.


4. Release. (Релиз)

The invasion was originally intended to be released in June 2006, but was postponed until 2007. The film was released on 17 August 2007 in USA and Canada 2.776 theaters. The film grossed $5.951.409 for the first weekend. The invasion raised $15.074.191 in the United States and Canada and $24.727.542 in other territories worldwide gross of $40.170.558 as of 9 March 2008.

The music in the trailer is called "untitled 8 and.to.and. "Popplagid" on Sigur ROS.


5. Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

On the review aggregator rotten tomatoes, the invasion of the popularity rating is 19% based on 163 reviews, with an average rating of 4.36 / 10. The critical consensus reads: "Invasion smoothly made but it lacks psychological insight and thrills". On the review aggregator website Metacritic, the invasion received an average score of 45 out of 100.

Roger Ebert of the "Chicago sun times" called it "the fourth and least of the films from Jack Finneys classic science fiction novel." Owen Gleiberman of entertainment weekly wrote that it was "a soulless rehash.The film is not scary, its just cheap and corny." Joanne Kaufman of the wall Street Journal added: "with all the shootings, screams, chases, collisions and fireballs, there isnt much time for storytelling".

Manola Dargis of the new York times criticized the film, writing: "in the latest and lamest version of invasion of the body Snatchers could be accidental camp classic if its politics werent so abhorrent and the movie is not trying to hide its failure behind a veil of pomposity." Paul Arendt bi-Bi-si wrote: "the setting is effectively creepy mood in the first half, the film eventually degenerates into a muddled mess, with Nicole and Daniel Craig dodging zombies while popping amphetamines in a desperate attempt not to fall asleep. We know how they feel". Maitland McDonagh of TV guide called the film "a Crazy mess, which opens from the place tore off a third of the films act which smacks of having been raised to calm the audience, too restless for the gradual formation".

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