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★ The Naked Island - drama ..

The Naked Island

★ The Naked Island

Naked island black and white film in 1960, directed by photography by Shindō. The film is notable for being almost no dialogue.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The film depicts a small family, husband, wife and two sons, who are fighting for survival on a small island in the Seto Inland sea on the island of Sukune in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, during the year. They are the islands only occupants, and survive by farming. They must carry water for their plants and themselves in a boat from a neighboring island.

When the boys catch a big fish, the family travels to Onomichi by ferry, where they sell him a fish, then eat at the restaurant.

While the parents are away from the island, the eldest son becomes ill. The desperate father runs to find a doctor to treat his son, but when they arrive, the boy is already dead. After the funeral the boys, which is attended by his classmates from school on a neighbouring island, the family resumes their hard life, with very limited opportunity for grief.


2. Production. (Производство)

The Director and writer photography by Shindo decided to make this film because he wanted to make a film without dialogue. Independent production company books of EIGA Kyokai was close to bankruptcy at the time this film was made, and Shindo sank his last resort in the film. The financial success of the film saved the company.

The leading actor Taiji Tonoyama was suffering from severe liver disease due to alcohol dependence, but regained his health because there was no alcohol near the site of the shooting. These events were later dramatized in Shindos biopic about Tonoyama, player.

In his last published book before he died, Shindo noted that the assumption on the movies carrying the water on the island is about, because the crop was watered in the movie, Sweet potatoes, actually do not need watering rich.

Shindo deliberately made the actors carry the heavy load of buckets of water so that the clamps that they used would be seen to bend, symbolizing the harshness of their lives.

The islands place in the film is the uninhabited island called Sukune off the coast of the Big island called Sagishima, part of Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture.


3. Welcome

In 1961, the film won the Grand Prix in a tie with Gregory Chukhrais clear sky at the 2nd Moscow international film festival, at which Luchino Visconti, whose La Terra the earth is the source of inspiration was a member of the jury.

In 1963 the film was nominated for "best film from any source" at the 16th British Academy awards.

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