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Chateau de Gisors

★ Chateau de Gisors

Chateau de Gisors castle at Gisors, in the Eure, France. The castle was a key fortress of the Dukes of Normandy in the 11th and 12th centuries. He was called to defend the Anglo-Norman Vexin territory from the pretensions of the king of France.


1. History. (История)

King William II king of England ordered Robert of bellême to build the first castle of Gisors. Henry I of England built the octagonal stone keep to the answer to the mote, his work at Gisors was part of the Royal castle in Normandy during his reign to protect the region against the aspirations of the French crown. He saw the construction of more than 25 castles.

In 1193, while king Richard I, king of England and Duke of Normandy was imprisoned in Germany, the castle fell into the hands of king Philip II of France. After Richards death in 1199, Philip had conquered most of Normandy Gisors after that lost most of its importance as a border castle.

The castle is also known for its connection with the Templars. Duties of the French king between 1158 and 1160, it became the final prison of the Grand Master of the order Jacques de Molay in 1314.

Although it has been estimated that Bailey could have housed 1.000 soldiers, in 1438, during the hundred years war, the British garrison numbered only 90. At 1448, this number dropped to 43.


2. Description. (Описание)

The first building work is dated to about 1095, and consisted of Motte, which was enclosed in a spacious courtyard or Bailey. Henry I, king of England, Duke of Normandy, added an octagonal stone keep on the mote. After 1161, important reinforcement work saw this keep raised and augmented with a wooden palisade on the mote is converted to stone, thus forming a chemise, and the outer wall of the Bailey was completed in stone with flanking towers. Octagonal keep is one of the best surviving examples of the shell.

Second keep, cylindrical in shape, called the prisoners of the tower, the Tour du prisonnier was attached to the outer wall of the castle in the early 13th century, after the French conquest of Normandy. Further reinforcement was added during the hundred years war. In the 16th century were built earthen ramparts.

In 1862, château de Gisors has been recognized as a historical monument by the French Ministry of culture.

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  • preceding Lord de La Rochefoucauld. He served in the army of the King Philip II Augustus, and was made prisoner in 1198 at the battle of Gisors He was father
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  • Trie - Chateau is a commune in the Oise department in northern France. On 1 January 2018, the former commune of Villers - sur - Trie was merged into Trie - Chateau
  • station was opened in the nineteenth century and runs a TER service to Gisors and Dieppe. The film Poulet au vinaigre 1985 by Claude Chabrol, with

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