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Chateau de Chaumont is a castle in Chaumont-sur-Loire, Loir-et-cher, France. The castle was founded in the 10th century by ODO I, count of Blois. After Pierre dAmboise rebelled against Louis XI, the king ordered to destroy the locks. Later in the 15th century Chateau de Chaumont was rebuilt by Charles I dAmboise. Protected as a historic monument since 1840, the castle was transferred to state ownership in 1938 and is now open to the public.


1. History. (История)

In the name Chaumont derives from the French Pen Mont, meaning "bald hill". The first castle on this place, situated between Blois and Amboise, was built by ODO I, count of Blois, in the 10th century, to protect their lands from attacks from his feudal rivals, Fulk Nerra, count of Anjou. His name Norman Gelduin received it, improved it and kept it as his own. His great-niece Denise de Fougeres, having married Sulpice dAmboise, passed the château into the Amboise family for five centuries.

Pierre dAmboise unsuccessfully rebelled against king Louis XI and his property was confiscated, and the castle was dismantled on Royal order in 1465. It was later rebuilt under Charles I dAmboise from 1465-1475 and then finished by his son, Charles II dAmboise de Chaumont from 1498-1510, with help of his uncle, cardinal Georges dAmboise, some of the features of the Renaissance can be seen in the houses, which have preserved its medieval appearance.

The castle was purchased by Catherine de Medici in 1550. There she entertained numerous astrologers, among them Nostradamus. When her husband, Henry II, died in 1559 she forced his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, to accept the Chateau de Chaumont in exchange for Chenonceau, which Henry de Poitiers. Diane de Poitiers only lived at Chaumont for a short time.

In 1594, after the death of Dianes granddaughter Charlotte de La mark, the castle passed to her husband Henri de La Tour dAuvergne, Duke of bouillon, who sold it to the farmer Largentier who got rich on gathering in the salt tax called the and Porta Venezia. Largentier eventually arrested for misappropriation of funds, the castle and the title of Sieur de Chaumont passed into a family originating at Lucca, who possessed it until 1667, when it passed by family connections to the Senor de Ruffignac.

Paul de Bouille, the Duke de Boville and later the Duke de Saint-Aignan, bought the château in 1699, modernized some of its interiors and decorated it with enough grandeur to the home of the Duke danjou on his way to become king of Spain in 1700. His eventual heir was forced to sell Chaumont to pay his debts to a maître de requêtes Ordiner to Louis XV, Monsieur Bertin, who demolished the North wing built by Charles II and the cardinal dAmboise to open the house to the river to look at modern fashion.

In 1750, Jacques-Donatien Le ray purchased the castle country house, where he established a glassmaking and pottery factory. He was considered by the French as the "father of the American revolution" because he loved America. However, in 1789, the new French revolutionary government seized Le rays assets, including his beloved Chateau de Chaumont.

Madame de Stael acquired the château in 1810. Count dAramon bought the neglected château in 1833, has undergone extensive renovations under the architect Jules Potier de La Morandiere Blois, who was later inspector of the works at the château de Blois, M. dAramon installed a Museum of medieval arts in the Tour de Catherine de Medicis ". To in 1851 the "Chaumont Suite" in the early 16th century late Gothic tapestries with subjects from the life of the country symbolises the triumph of eternity, closely associated with Chaumont and now at the Cleveland Museum of art, was still hanging in the Chambre de Catherine de Medicis ", the tapestries were cut and assemble to fit the room.

The castle was classified as a historical monument since 1840 by the Ministry of culture of France. Marie-Charlotte say, heiress of Leon say as the Sahara, acquired Chaumont in 1875. Later in the same year, she married Amedee de Broglie, who commissioned the luxurious stables in 1877 under the project of Paul-Ernest Sanson, further restored the castle under the leadership of the Sansons and transplanted to the Park in the English naturalistic landscape fashion. She donated the château de Chaumont to the government in 1938. Chateau de Chaumont is currently a Museum and yearly festival of the Garden from April to October where contemporary garden designers display their work in the garden in the English style.

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  • France. He made a fortune in shipping and, in 1750, he acquired the Chateau de Chaumont as a country home where he established a glassmaking and earthenware
  • his strong - willed widow and regent Catherine de Medici forced Diane to exchange it for the Chateau Chaumont Queen Catherine then made Chenonceau her own
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  • Chaumont - sur - Aire is a commune in the Meuse department in Grand Est in north - eastern France. Communes of the Meuse department Populations legales 2017
  • 1600, the viscount purchased the Chateau de Chaumont whose previous owners included Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers. Isabelle and her husband
  • him to transfer his Chateau de Chaumont to Theobald s control. Sulpice was killed in 1153 after being tortured, but with his chateau s ownership intact
  • was an important knight with his post as bailiff of le Vermandois and Chaumont It was rased, because of felony by the lord, on the order of Louis XIII
  • collection of weapons, paintings and tapestry. Charles II d Amboise de Chaumont : Grand Admiral and Marshal of France. Gabrielle d Estree : mistress
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  • the richest heiresses of France and owner of the Chateau de Chaumont - sur - Loire, married Prince Amedee de Broglie, then HRH prince Louis - Ferdinand d Orleans - Bourbon
  • Chaumont - en - Vexin is a commune in the Oise department in northern France. Walo II 1060 1098 viscount of Chaumont - en - Vexin and constable of King

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