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Garur is one of the divisions in bageshwar is district. Office of the senior judge of the SDM is located in Olsztyn. In addition to the offices of SDM, Tehsil headquarters also in Olsztyn. The control unit Garud block is located in the village Gadsher. Garur office of forest plantations in Gadkhet and Baijnath.


1. Geography and demographics. (География и демография)

Nearby places include Kausani, Baijnath, Gwaldam kot Bhramari and bageshwar is.

After Kausani, Garur is located halfway between Gwaldam and bageshwar is the main bus station for KMVN buses and close to 490 kilometres away from Delhi on route to Delhi-Gajraula-Muradabad-Bhawali-Khairna-Almora-Someshwar-Kausani-Garur-Baijnath - Gwaldam.

In neighboring villages there are also Garhsher,Matena, Gagrigol, Chitrapal, Tilsari, Salani, Mattee, Bheta, Lobanj, Dangoli, Wajula, Dhaina. Garur is located about 16 km from Kausani. From Garur about 25 km Gwaldam, which comes in the Garhwal.

Some of the nearby villages of Garur are silly, Amoli, Matena Joshikhola, Darsani, Anna, Paia, Jijoli, Bhagartola, Dyonai, Motisyari, Baijnath, Samar and Kajuli.

There is a bus from the bus station Anand Vihar Terminus of new Delhi and is air-conditioned and also rooms with air-conditioned buses plying between Delhi bageshwar is Garur or via Delhi to Tharali via Garur all plying in the evening. Trains i.e. Anand Vihar - Shatabdi Express to Kathgodown, Ranikhet Express and Sampark kranti Express trains are available from Old Delhi railway station to Kathgodown and trains to Kathgodowm you can use from Lucknow, Jaipur, Kolkata and Derhradun.


2. Heritage. (Наследие)

Around 5-6 km from Garur there is a temple of Bhagwati Mata kot Ka Mandir traces of MA Bhramri can be found in the last two paragraph of Chapter eleven of Durga Shaptashati path - the most sacred Hindu book equivalent to Gita and Ramayana, which once was a Fort owned by the Katyuri kings. Also there is a myth that ADI Shankaracharya stayed at this temple for the night on the way to Badrinath. There is a widespread perception among local people that the face of the goddess kot Bhramri Devi in whose honour the temple is named, should not be shown to anyone except the priest of the temple. He said that if this advice is not followed, the entire valley Katur will face misfortune and disaster will follow. Therefore, only on the back side of goddess worship, with the exception of the annual festival "Nandaashtmi" in Bhadrapad Ashtami or Radha Ashtami during September month, the state government declares as state holiday or when the Raj Jaat Yatra which takes place once in twelve years. In the last 150 years, bison and lamb used in sacrifice for Nandaashtami. However, this practice was stopped by the noble Nainital High court on public interest litigation, filed by the humane society, he is provided with police protection. Although the goddess MA Bhramri is satvik, but about 200 years ago during the invasion of Nepalese and their Kingdom, the local deity as MA Nandadevis was installed at kot Bhramri Mandir the killing of the animal began about 200 years ago.

The temple of baijnath Shiva on the banks of the river, is said to have been built by the Kumaon Katyuri king in around 1150 ad and was the capital of the Katyuri dynasty of kings who ruled were Uttaranchal during the 12th and 13th century, Baijnath was once known as Kartikyapura. One of the most important places to visit in Baijnath is a historically and religiously significant Baijnath temple built in the twelfth century. The temple has significance because, according to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married at the confluence of river Gomati and its other name in Hindu mythology is known as Gomi river. comes from way village to Kausani. known as Pinath on. Here, Lord Shiva is a huge temple, called Pinath Mandir and Garur Ganga. Dedicated SivaVaidyanatha, gentlemen, the doctors, the temple of baijnath is actually a complex of temples, built by the Katyuri kings with the idols of Shiva, Ganesh, Parvati, Chandika, Kuber, Surya and Brahma. Also in the town of Baijnath draws its name from the temple. Located on the left Bank of Gomti river at the height of 1.126 meters, the temples are built of stone. The main temple that houses a beautiful idol of Parvati chiselled in black stone. The temple is approached from the river by a staircase of stone, built on the orders of Katyuri Queen. On the way to the main temple, just below the house of the Mahant of the temple Bamani. Legend has it that the temple was built by a brahmin woman and dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is also the famous RAM Mandir Gali in the mainstream market. Garur is named after the famous temple of God RAM, where the practice for Rameela takes place every year.


3. Trade and tourism. (Торговля и туризм)

There are only a few hotels and boarding in Garur, but two kilometers Baijnath offers good and affordable accommodation in the state KMVN tourist center of the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam companies. Two more kilometers is to install a Heli-pad for emergency landing for state and use protection.

The main occupation of its inhabitants are agriculture, pensioners from the pension service, Public teachers, bankers, post officer employees, forest services, Agriculture, retired and serving military personnel, petty and large shopkeepers dealing in everyday items and tea stall owners, Central government employees and, finally, the point of small taxi companies.

There is a market that provides household items, daily use goods to people. It is the largest market in the region after Almora, Ranikhet and bageshwar is in the area of the Kumaon hills up to Karanprayag district in Garhwal.

The market of Garur is one of the oldest in the region since pre-independence days of British rule in India, but the market expanded during 1970 to 2010 through the efforts of social worker and industrialist K D Pandey. In 2011, major banks and other government services - the Polytechnic, post office and two ATMs in the region - located in Garur. First and foremost, Garur is the last recognized and the biggest market of the Kumaon front of the Kumaon Garhwal through the way Garur to Gwaldam road.

Many nationalized banks like Union Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, BOB Bank of Baroda with their ATMs and financial services.

Central State scientific-research center named CIMAP Central Institute of medicinal and aromatic plants is located near the village of "Purada".

  • tourist attraction where tourists offer chana to fishes. The nearby market is Garur which is supposed to be one of the oldest in the region. The temple is significant
  • Agricultural zone of Kumaon. Major towns situated in this valley include Garur and Baijnath. Rawat, Ajay S. 1999 Forest management in Kumaon Himalaya :
  • North - East of Nainital, the Headquarters of Kumaon. Nearby Towns include Garur 14 km 8.7 mi and Someshwar 12 km 7.5 mi It has an average elevation
  • Kanda with 180 inhabited villages 3 Kapkot having 156 villages and Garur having 197 revenue villages. Pattis viz., Katyur - Talla, Malla and Bichalla 
  • road. Buses and Jeeps, cars are available to the nearby cities of Kausani, Garur and Almora. Pin Code: SOMESHWAR, ALMORA, UTTARAKHAND, India, Pincode.net
  • playback songs used in his films i.e. Tumi Amar Jiban Abujh Hridoy Amar Garur Garitey Bou Sajiye Ankhi Milon and Ei Raat Dakey Oi Chand Dakey Ei Tomay
  • walk. It is about a 5 7 km road trip and a 10 11 km walking trip from the Garur about 25 km from Kausani The climate is always cool with some snowfall
  • Trisul massif can be accessed via the following route: Almora - Kausani - Garur - Gwaldam - Debal - Bagargad - Wan - Bedini Bugyal - Kalu Vinayak - Roopkund
  • Bageshwar. The first motor road arrived in Bageshwar in 1952 from Almora via Garur Bus services started operating on the Bageshwar - Kapkot motorway in 1955 - 56
  • the 5th of Shrawan to commemorate the battle between Nag and Garur The stone image of Garur at Changu Narayan is said to perspire during the festival and
  • mere population of 3000. They are divided into many clans such as Kaitra, Garur Kasim, Bhugal, Baundra, Ban, Nag, Shona, Shar and Tresha. The Mundari Language
  • Gaur, Rasika Agashe, Rashi Bunny, Happy Ranjit, Farooq Sher Khan, Sameer Garur Laeeq Hussian, Ashok Rahi, Sunita Tiwari, Ram Sahay Pareek. The third year
  • bodies. A team of eight led by Sukumar Ray reached the ashram of Swami at Garur belongs to present Uttarakhand. Mukhopadhyay joined the team as an archaeologist
  • does not know the glory of the divine. ਹਨ ਮ ਨ ਸਰ ਗਰ ੜ ਸਮ ਨ Hanūmān sar garur samānāʼn. Beings like Hanumaan, Garura, ਸ ਰਪਤ ਨਰਪਤ ਨਹ ਗ ਨ ਜ ਨ Surpaṯ
  • armies take Aledo and Almeria. Ronda also falls and the Almoravid commander Garur executes al - Radi the son al - Mutamid of Seville The Taifa of Mertola falls
  • Garur Gyan Chand 1374 - 1419
  • Bhimtal Damaru Chand 1303 - 1321 Dharm Chand 1321 - 1344 Abhay Chand 1344 - 1374 Garur Gyan Chand 1374 - 1419 Established authority over Bhabar and Terai later
  • Dwarahat Hawalbagh Lamgara Salt Syalde Takula Tarikhet Bageshwar Bageshwar Garur Kapkot Champawat Barakot Champawat Lohaghat Pati Nainital Betalghat Bhimtal
  • Jainti Lamgara Ranikhet Salt Someshwar Syalde Bageshwar Bageshwar Dug Nakuri Garur Kanda Kaphaligair Kapkot Champawat Barakot Champawat Lohaghat Pati Purnagiri
  • Nationality Indian Born 1986 - 09 - 29 29 September 1986 age 33 Garur Uttarakhand Residence Garur Uttarakhand Height 5 8 5 ft 8 in Weight 58 kg 128 lb

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