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Chateau de Brissac

★ Chateau de Brissac

Chateau de Brissac is a French château in Brissac-Quince area of the commune of Brissac, the Loire, Abans, is located in the Department of Maine et Loire, France. The property is owned by Cosse-Brissac family, whose head bears the French noble title of Duke of Brissac. The castle is listed historical monument by the French Ministry of culture.


1. History. (История)

The castle was originally built as the castle of the counts of Anjou in the 11th century. After the victory over the English by king Philip II of France, he gave the property to Guillaume des Roches. In the 15th century the building was rebuilt by Pierre de Breze, a rich chief Minister of king Charles VII of France. During the reign of king 1515-47 Francis I, the property was acquired by rené de Cosse, who was appointed by the king Governor of Anjou and Maine.

During the French religious wars, the castle was made a possession in 1589 by the Protestant leader, Henry of Navarre. Severely damaged, the fortress was scheduled to be demolished. However, Charles II de Cosse on the side of Henry of Navarre, who soon was crowned king of France. In gratitude, king Henry gave him the property, the title of Duke of Brissac and the money to rebuild the castle in 1611.

Its construction made it the highest castle in France, and its façade reflects the influence of the 17th centuries, Baroque architecture. Through marriage, Cosse-Brissac family also acquired the castle of Montreuil-bellay but later sold it.

In August 1620, king Louis XIII and his mother Marie de Medici, met to discuss their differences in a "neutral" site, the Chateau de Brissac. Was achieved a temporary truce between the two, but it didnt last long and the Queen mother in the end was banished.

The descendants of the first Duke of Brissac maintained the Chateau until 1792, when the object was looted during the French revolution. It lay in waste until the beginning of the recovery program in 1844 and was held at the later of the Dukes of Brissac.


2. Today, The Château. (Сегодня Шато)

Today, château de Brissac is still owned by Cosse-Brissac family. Currently managed by Charles-andré-de-Cosse-Brissac, the Marquis of Brissac, b. 1962, who is the eldest son of Francois de Cosse-Brissac, the current Duke of Brissac, b. 1929.

The castle has seven stories, making it the tallest Chateau in the Loire Valley. The castle is open to the public for tours and overnight stays in the rooms and the luxurious gilded theater hosts the annual festival of Val-de-Loire. It has also been used until recently as a place for the Brazilian magazine "Caras".


3. In popular culture. (В популярной культуре)

In the mid 1990-ies, the castle was in a prominent place as a temporary stadium for the Iron chef French battles, of the original Japanese iron TV chef show. There were two battles staged in the château de Brissac and aired in Japan on April 12, 1996. The first battle, with theme ingredient salmon, was between Bernard Le Prince and iron chef Japanese Koumei Nakamura, and he won the Le Prince. At that time, Le Prince was chef at La Tour darzhan in Paris. The second battle was between Pierre Gagnaire and iron chef French Hiroyuki Sakai, with theme ingredient lobster, and it was won by Gagnaire. The castle was featured in the Japanese visual novel version of Fate / stay Night.

  • This title is currently held by François de Cosse - Brissac who is the 13th Duke of Brissac The fief of Brissac in Anjou had been acquired at the end of
  • at the Chateau de Brissac in Brissac - Quince, Maine - et - Loire, France. He died in 1944. He was succeeded as Duke of Brissac by his son, Pierre de Cosse Brissac
  • mathematician Charles - Rene Reynaud 1656 1728 was born in Brissac The Chateau de Brissac is located in the commune. Caluso, Italy Communes of the Maine - et - Loire
  • resided at the Chateau de La Celle in La Celle - les - Bordes, France. They had a son, François de Cosse Brissac subsequently 13th Duke of Brissac and two daughters:
  • Charles II de Cosse 1550  June 1621 was the first Duke of Brissac a title he was granted in 1611. He was a prominent French soldier and became a Marshal
  • heiress to the Schneider - Creusot fortune. She grew up at the Chateau de Brissac in Brissac - Quince, Maine - et - Loire, France. She is a novelist and biographer
  • Louis Hercule Timoleon de Cosse - Brissac Duke of Brissac 14 February 1734, Paris - 9 September 1792, Versailles was a French military commander and
  • monarchy of the Ancien Regime. Chateau de Montsoreau Chateau de Chambord Chateau de Saumur Chateau de Brissac Chateau d Azay - le - Rideau Chateauesque List
  • Chateau de Ranrouet Ministry of Culture. Retrieved 2011 - 06 - 14. Chateau d Angers Ministry of Culture. Retrieved 2011 - 06 - 14. Chateau de Brissac
  • The Chateau de Montreuil - Bellay is a historical building in the town of Montreuil - Bellay, departement of Maine - et - Loire, France, first built on the site
  • Grez - Neuville Chateau de Boumois, in Saint - Martin - de - la - Place Chateau de Bourmont, in Freigne Chateau de Breze, in Breze Chateau de Brissac in Brissac - Quince

  • the Loire Valley Chateau de Montsoreau. Royal Abbey of Fontevraud. Chateau de Brissac Chateau de Saumur. Chateau d Angers. Chateau de Breze. Anjou traditions
  • The Chateau de Bercy was a Louis XIII chateau located in Bercy, a part of modern - day Charenton - le - Pont in Paris, France. The chateau was constructed beginning
  • years, the castle has been the residence of the novelist Elvire de Brissac De Brissac has expanded the forest by planting 400, 000 trees, including 300
  • Chateau de Brissac legend says that Jacques de Breze caught his wife, Charlotte, with another man, and in a fit of rage murdered them both. Chateau de
  • Brissac Loire Aubance is a commune in the Maine - et - Loire department of western France. The municipality was established on 15 December 2016 and consists
  • The Chateau de Pontchartrain is mainly in the municipality of Jouars - Pontchartrain within Yvelines, in the west of the Ile de France region of France
  • The Chateau de Maintenon is a chateau developed from the original castle, situated in the commune of Maintenon in the Eure - et - Loir departement of France
  • Marie - Joseph - Guy - Henry - Philippe de Riquet de Caraman, 18th Prince de Chimay 9 October 1836, Chateau de Menars, France 29 March 1892, Brussels, Belgium
  • Marquis de Cosse - Brissac 1843 - 1871 and her brother, Henry 1855 - 1899 succeeded his father at the Say refinery. Say purchased the chateau de Chaumont
  • Antoine Claude Nicolas Valdec de Lessart 25 January 1741, Chateau de Mongenan, Portets, near Bordeaux 9 September 1792, Versailles was a French politician
  • Queen Marguerite de Navarre, Biron attracted the notice of the marshal de Brissac with whom he saw active service in Italy. A wound he received in his
  • couvent - Michel Trempont Brissac Charles Burles Gontran Jules Bastin Bridaine Mady Mesple Marie Christiane Chateau Louise Michele Command
  • Armand de la Rochefoucauld, duc de Doudeauville: 1919 1962 Philippe, duc de Luynes : 1962 1977 Pierre de Cosse, duc de Brissac : 1977 1985 Alexandre de La
  • Charles I de Cosse, comte de Brissac also Grand Panetier, Marshal and Grand Master of the Artillery c.1563: Timoleon de Cosse, comte de Brissac also Grand
  • had gained riches in the revolution. In 1801, the Duchess of Brissac sold the Chateau de Pontchartrain to the industrialist and speculator Claude - Xavier
  • The chateau de Maulnes, is a 16th - century, Renaissance - style chateau located in Cruzy - le - Chatel in the department of Yonne, France. This chateau was built
  • Schneider - Creusot with his grand - uncle Adolphe Schneider in 1836. He grew up at the Chateau de la Verrerie in Le Creusot. Schneider was appointed as co - chairman of Schneider - Creusot
  • Adelaïde - Pauline - Rosalie de Cosse - Brissac 23 January 1765 2 May 1820 only daughter of Louis Hercule Timoleon de Cosse, Duke of Brissac and of
  • Mancini - Mazarini 1742 1808 married Louis - Hercule Timoleon de Cosse, Duke of Brissac Jules - Frederic Mancini, styled Count of Nevers 1745 1753 died

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