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Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay

★ Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay

Chateau de Montreuil-bellay is a historical building in the city of Montreuil-bellay, the Department of Maine-et-Loire, France, first built on the site of a Gallo-Roman village high on a hill on the banks of the river Thouet. It is listed as a historical monument by the French Ministry of culture.

During the medieval period the property, consisting of more than 4 km 2 990 acres, was part of a group of 32 villages near by that created the then known as "LAnjou". In Mountreil-Belle mansion, first belonged to Gelduin Le Danois the later of Regal heredity is passed to Berlay Le Vieux who became the first sir of bellay, in 1025 the castle was seized by Folke Nerra a Plantagenet making Giraud Berlay his vassal during the second half of the 12th century. After the defeat of the English by Philip II, the estate is returned to a descendant of the Berlay Le Vieux family sir of bellay, Guillaume de Melun, during this period the fief went under a big renovation by the creation of high massive walls construction including 13 castle towers, with entry only via a fortified gate and the name was anglicised from the barley on the bottom.

During the French religious wars 1562-1598 the town of Montreuil-bellay was ransacked and burned but the sturdy fortress suffered little damage. Ownership of the castle changed several times including, through marriage, in the Cosse-Brissac family. During the French revolution, the castle was seized by the revolutionary government and was used as a prison for women who were suspected royalists.

In 1822 the property was acquired by Saumur businessman Adrien Niveleau, who divided the huge property into rental units. In 1860 Niveleaus daughter took place and a major restoration campaign, redoing some of the rooms in the Troubadour style. The descendants of the husband nephew of the current owners of the property.

Today, the château de Montreuil-bellay is also the name of a premium wine made on the property.

  • south of Saumur, and is famous for the Chateau de Montreuil - Bellay which is situated in the town. Montreuil - Bellay is on the Thouet, and was the head of
  • Montreuil - Berlay died c. 1155 was a twelfth - century feudal lord of Montreuil - Bellay near Saumur in France. He was dispossessed of the Chateau de Montreuil - Bellay
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  • family also acquired the Chateau Montreuil - Bellay but later sold it. In August 1620, King Louis XIII and his mother, Marie de Medici, met to discuss their
  • Martigne - Briand Chateau de Montgeoffroy, in Maze Chateau de Montreuil - Bellay in Montreuil - Bellay Chateau de Montsoreau, in Montsoreau Chateau de Noize, in
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  • Saumur, Chateau - Gontier, Montreuil - Bellay and part of the êlections of La Fleche and Richelieu. Financially it formed part of the so - called pays de grande
  • Maine - et - Loire 49 Angers Bauge Bourmont Breze Brissac Montreuil - Bellay Montsoreau Plessis - Bourre Pouance Saumur Mayenne 53 Bois
  • Paris: Encyclopedie Bonneton. 1992. pp. 305 306. Climatologie de l annee 2017 à Montreuil - Bellay Grande - Champagne infoclimat.fr in French Normes et
  • were built on hilltops, such as the Chateau d Amboise, while the only one built in the riverbed is the Chateau de Montsoreau. Many had exquisite churches
  • Reaux Montsoreau Montreuil - Bellay Saint - Loup - sur - Thouet Saumur Boumois Brissac Montgeoffroy Plessis - Bourre Chateau des Reaux Amboise on
  • on 16 May. Cathelineau retaliated by defeating the Republicans at Montreuil - Bellay and Saumur on 9 June 1793. After the Battle of Saumur and capture of
  • Melun, by Jean Ier, Viscount de Melun and lord of Montreuil - Bellay allied itself with the Tancarville, of which Jeanne de Tancarville was the last heiress
  • local stone, weighing over 500 tons. It is the largest in France. The Chateau de Saumur was constructed in the 10th century to protect the Loire river
  • Ecouen houses the Chateau d Ecouen, home of the Montmorency family. This chateau built during the Renaissance, houses the Musee national de la Renaissance
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  • of Ambillou - Chateau Louerre and Noyant - la - Plaine. The population of each separate commune prior to the merge in 2016 were: Ambillou - Chateau - 951 2011
  • style, and the best examples such as those produced by Nicolas Joly s Chateau de la Roche aux Moines are highly regarded by international wine critics
  • Rostand, Lycee technique Jean Perrin, and Lycee des metiers de l automobile et du transport du Chateau d Epluches Communes of the Val - d Oise department INSEE
  • residence to the Chateau d Ecouen in Ecouen, 5.6 km 3.5 mi to the northeast of Montmorency. In 1632 the last Montmorency, Henri II de Montmorency, was

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