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Shrooms (film)

★ Shrooms (film)

Mushrooms is a 2007 Irish psychological horror film written by Pearse Elliot and directed by I paddy. The film stars: Lindsay Hong, Jack Huston, Max kas. The plot follows a group of American students and their English speaking guide, who pursues a serial killer while out in the woods for mushrooms psilocybin.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

American student Tara and her College friends visit Ireland to meet with local resident and friend Jake, and go camping in the woods surrounding the long-abandoned orphanage. While collecting psilocybin mushrooms for later consumption, Tara eats a death bell galerina mushroom and suffers a seizure after which she experiences dream-like state of oblivion, she begins to have premonitions of future events.

In the evening around the fire, with Tara resting in her tent, Jake tells a Ghost story of the empty childrens home nearby, and cruel sadistic monk who survived the attack one of his proteges, as revenge for killing his twin brother. Overhearing this causes Tara to have foreknowledge of the murder of her friends.

After a deadly fight with his girlfriend and the others, aggressive Jock Bluto drinks a hallucinogenic tea, they say, for everyone to share in the morning and experience a journey that ends in his murder, seemingly at the hands of the rogue monk from the childrens home.

The next morning, not caring, the disappearance of Blutos – the rest to drink Kombucha, only separated from each other in the woods, and under its influence. Three women argue and fight each other to get lost until they break, and Holly and Lisa brutally murdered – according to Taras continued vision – after meeting with local foresters Ernie and Bernie.

Jake and Troy to find Tara on the banks of the river, and tell her to meet them in an abandoned house to call for help. While investigating the property, Troy is apparently killed the monk, and Jake escapes by jumping out the window, breaking his leg as he lands. Tara finds him and the two escape the haunted scene. Then, while relaxing his legs, he is killed.

Tara awakes as a Garda helicopter hovers over the camp, and sent in an ambulance as the sole survivor. As her mobile phone rings, she is going through a turbulent past and realizes that death is the bell of the mushroom caused her to murder all her friends. She asks the paramedic for help. All will be quiet until we see her bloody hands, holding a bloodied pair of scissors, assuming she killed the paramedic. The film ends with Tara running through the woods.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • David McGinley as Dale.
  • Sean McGinley as Bernie.
  • Robert Hoffman as Bluto.
  • Alice greczyn as Holly.
  • Jack Huston as Jake.
  • Max kas in Troy.
  • Maya Hazen as Lisa.
  • Lindsay Hawn as Tara.
  • Don Wycherley as Ernie.

3. Welcome

When the mushrooms have released, it opened to mostly negative reviews. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 22% based on 18 reviews from critics.

Derek Elly of variety described the film as "Shake-N-bake slasher movie that shows just how difficult it is to do effective, modestly budgeted horror".

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  • alongside Amanda Bynes in the film She s the Man. In 2007, Hoffman played the role of Bluto in the horror film Shrooms He also played the role of Clyde
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  • 25 May 2016. SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS REVIEW IGN. Retrieved 25 May 2016. Floyd, Nigel November 20, 2007 Shrooms Time Out. Retrieved January 6, 2014.
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