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★ Year of the Dog, film - 2007 in film ..

Year of the Dog (film)

★ Year of the Dog (film)

The year of the Dog 2007 Comedy-drama film written and directed by Mike white starring: Molly Shannon, Laura Dern, Regina king, Thomas McCarthy, Josh Pais, John C. Reilly and Peter sarsgaard. The film describes the process of a woman who goes from one dog home to become a vegetarian and activist for animal rights.

It premiered on 20 January 2007 at the Sundance film festival 2007.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Shannon stars as Peggy, a forty-something administrative assistant whose social and love life are slim to none. Her most intimate communications with her dog, pencil. One morning pencil refuses to come in after he was released to do its business, half asleep and Peggy lets him stay outside all night. The next morning she finds him in the yard of her neighbor al John C. Reilly whimpering in pain. She takes him to the vet, but its too late, the pencil died from toxic poisoning.

The people in her life react with sympathy, but mostly make her feel guilty for her grief. Best friend Leila Regina king tells Peggy her relationship with pencil had held her back from alcohol. Shes emotionally sterile sister-in-law Laura Dern and brother pierce Thomas McCarthy too narcissistic to understand how deeply hurt Peggy is.

Neighbor Halifax, al asks Peggy on a date. It starts well until al reveals that he lost his dog accidentally shot him while hunting. When I get home, he shows off his knife collection and hunting trophies. He pays no attention to the hostility of Halifax for this. She asks to see his garage, suspicious, something inside poisoned pencil. Al makes a pass, which she rejects with disgust.

Peggy receives a call from Triton Peter sarsgaard, a volunteer at the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, who was present when pencil died. He tells Peggy that he has a new dog she could adopt: Valentine, a King shepherd with behavioral problems. Newt agrees to help train Valentine, and he and Peggy begin to spend a lot of time together.

Through newt, Peggy is exposed to veganism and the protection of animal rights. She becomes a vegan and starts to help newt the adoption of various animals subject to euthanasia. Chastised her boss Robin Josh Pais to her commitment, she retaliates by donating to various animal-related charity with your checkbook.

Peggy and newt share a kiss, newt refuses to go further, which she mistakes for knighthood. She admits that she fell in love, newt says he is celibate, implying hes asexual. Peggy reacts badly, shutting newt and instead focus on her new relationship with Valentine. Valentine sporadically aggressive behavior worsens without Newts instruction, he is biting the hand Halifax. The dog continually barks, causing al to complain. Peggy responds in a rude manner, suggesting that it is her revenge because she thinks something in his garage, must have poisoned pencil.

Halifaxs interest in animal rights deepens, particularly the causes to stop animal testing and animal agricultural communities that were previously destined to die. Her new belief system looked at lightly, as her brother and sister-in-law when she announces that she is a vegetarian, he replied: "it Will be interesting to see how long it lasts."

In the New years eve weekend, Peggy agrees to babysit his brothers children. She leaves lovers in the care of newt. She takes her young niece Lissie, Amy schlagel, Zoe schlagel and nephew Benji on the farm for rescued animals to introduce them to their "adopted" the chicken of charity sponsorship she received them for Christmas. Intensely moved by the experience, Peggy is a mini-breakdown in the car. She wants to show them a slaughterhouse, but the kids get scared.

While Babysitting Peggy gets drunk and finds for clothing of furs in her sister-in-laws closet. She asks her niece what she thinks of them, and the child says that her "sense". Peggy eventually passes out drunk, and in the morning finds the fur ruined in a bathtub full of water. She goes to newts to pick up Valentine and finds newt was crying. Valentine killed a crippled dog named buttons, and newt sent Valentine to be put to sleep because he knew that Peggy doesnt have the courage to do so.

She catches the dog, but too late, Valentine was dead within two hours. Peggy suffers a mental break and adopts 15 dogs slated to die, she lies, saying she works with the SPCA and is going to find them all homes. Peggy at work is faced with her boss. He discovered fraudulent checks and shes fired.

Halifax life is falling apart. She barely leaves her home, which almost destroyed her new Pets. Al complains, says that if she doesnt find a way to control them. While shes gone, newt visits, confiscates the dogs and leaves a warning from the SPCA. Peggy erroneously blames al.

She sneaks into the house and ALS finds a molluscicide with a hole chewed in the corner, confirming her suspicions about pencils death. Like a zombie, she drags the bag through the house, leaking poison pellets everywhere. It is one of the glory hunting knives and hides. When al and the girl to return home, Peggy attacks with a knife. Al wrestles it away from her and calls the police.

Halifax brother and sister-in-law trying to help. They say the Halifax boss has decided if she pays back everything and goes to counselling he will get her back. They ask why Peggy attacked al. She said that she wanted him to know what its like to be a victim.

Peggy returns to work and affable. But soon an Internet search leads her to information about the upcoming protests of animal rights activists. She sends the letter with her colleagues, including Leila, boss, newt, brother and sister-in-law. She needs to follow her heart. She abandons her former life and heads off to the protest, content that is fighting for her animals more than life itself.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Liza Weil - Trishelle.
  • Peter Sarsgaard - Newt.
  • Inara George - Holi.
  • Dale Godboldo - Donu.
  • Amy schlagel, Zoe schlagel and - Lissie.
  • Molly Shannon Is Peggy Spade.
  • Josh Pais - Robin.
  • Regina King - Layla.
  • John C. Reilly - Al.
  • Thomas McCarthy - Pierce.
  • Laura Dern - Bret.

3. Critical reception. (Критический прием)

The film received positive reviews from critics. As at 31 December 2007, the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 70% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 134 reviews. On Metacritic, the film has an average score of 70 out of 100, based on 31 reviews.

Associated Press film critic David Germain named the film the #10 Best film of 2007.

The film won best feature film at the 22nd award "Genesis".


4. Cash

The film opened in limited release April 13, 2007 and in the first weekend it grossed $108.223 in seven theaters. The movies widest release was in 152 theaters in its fifth week.

The film grossed $1.596.953 worldwide - $1.540.141 in the United States and Canada and $56.812 in other territories.

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