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Daylight (1996 film)

★ Daylight (1996 film)

Daylight 1996 American Thriller film Directed Rob Cohen starring: Sylvester Stallone, Amy Brenneman, Viggo Mortensen, Dan Hedaya, Stan Shaw, Jay O. Sanders, Karen young and Danielle Harris. The film was released by universal pictures on 6 December 1996, in the US and December 26 in the United Kingdom.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In the state of new York, company, waste management barrels of toxic waste onto trucks, intending to illegally dispose of them on site in new Jersey. They are shown heading into the Holland tunnel, along with several other commuters, including struggling playwright Maddy Thompson, Amy Brenneman, buses juveniles rest of the family, an elderly couple with a dog, and sporting goods seller Roy Nord Viggo Mortensen. Meanwhile, a gang of robbers captures the gems from the buyer the pearl after the attack on him and takes his car to escape the police rushing into the tunnel. Gang break through the North tunnel of the road where the driver loses control, smashing though a guard shack and into one of the trucks, causing it to detonate, and the explosion of the remaining trucks. The tunnel of the cave entrances, and a devastating fireball sweeps through the tunnel, burning the majority of motorists in it.

Is about to enter the Manhattan end of the tunnel, former new York emergency medical care chief kit Latura Sylvester Stallone, now working as a taxi driver, witnesses the fireball erupting from the entrance. While racing to help whoever he can he runs into an old colleague Sam, who tells him that the tunnel is severely damaged and may come if any wrong moves are made. Kit then checks with tunnel administrators, and finds that most of the old exits have been blocked or are considered unsafe. Kit makes his way into the tunnel through the ventilation system, risking his life, as a huge fans can only be slowed down for a short time.

A group of survivors trapped inside band around Nord, who believes he can find a way out through the southern tunnel, a corridor service between the North and South pipe. Kit arrives and finds Nord, warning him that the passage could come at any moment, but Nord dismisses the possibility. Kit barely escapes as the river collapses, killing Nord, and causing another explosion which kills juvenile.

Water begins to seep in FROM over the river, and kit uses an explosive to stop the leak. Police officer George Tyrell Stan Shaw returns from investigating the Manhattan end and is crushed by a truck, as the road shifts. The band managed to release him before he can drown, but he remains with a broken neck. The water level continues to rise and the angry survivors confront kit. He claims he can slow, but not stop it, and the best cleaning efforts on the Manhattan side of the tunnel is causing water to enter their side. Kit recalls that there are sleeping quarters beside the tunnels, left over from the construction of tunnels and asks George how to access them. Kit finds one by swimming under the guard shack, and leads the group to this area, but George needs to be left behind. He gives kit a bracelet intended for his girlfriend grace, Vanessa bell Calloway, and tells him to "get them to daylight".

Eleanor Claire bloom, One of the elder survivors, is distressed that her late sons dog Cooper is missing. She refuses to go, then suddenly died, presumably from hypothermia. The group moves to another room as the first flood, convincingly Eleanorsбыл husband Roger Colin Fox to go with them. As they reached the top of the old wooden staircase, kit notices Cooper swimming in the water below and dives down to rescue him, passing him one of the survivors, but a beam falls and destroys the lower half, sending kit into the water. Maddie tries to help Keith, but it drops as well as additional stairs down. The main group escape through a manhole in the summertime, the cave in the corridor behind them, but not before one of the survivors takes a flashlight from his daughter and tosses it to kit, leaving kit and the hysterical Maddy behind.

Kit and Maddy swim, look for possible exit from the main highway tunnel is now almost completely submerged. Keith understands that he will use his explosives to cause "shock" to disrupt the tunnel roof is open. Mud weight pressure Keith and Maddie tries to get him out of there. The explosion forces Maddie to the surface, but the whale gets stuck in the mud. Maddy finds a barely conscious kit and keeps him afloat, as a boat discovers them offshore. Lying on a stretcher, kit sees grace in the crowd and hands her the bracelet George. Maddie insists on riding with him in the ambulance, in which a set of answers "on one condition, we must pass over the bridge".


2.1. Release. The checkout. (Кассе)

Daylight was 2.175 opened in theaters in North America, during which he collected $ 10 million. After 55 weeks, the film earned $ 33 million in the U.S. and 126.2 million $at the international level, for a total of 159.2 million.


2.2. Release. Critical reception. (Критический прием)

The film is rated 25% on rotten tomatoes based on 40 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 10. The critical consensus reads: "holes there is a large fire blast and puts Stallone in another joke, responsive performance, but still in daylight feels designed to annoy the audience into submission".

There was, however, some moderate and positive feedback. Roger Ebert gave the film two stars out of four, saying, daylight is the cinematic equivalent of a Golden Oldies station, where you will never encounter anything not liked over the years. At one point, when trapped civilian asks him if they have a chance, I expected him to say, calm down, lady. Ive done it in a dozen other movies." Empire gave the film four stars out of five, stating, daylight is great because it never tries to be more than it is - a disaster movie with all the special effects hype of the 90 years may bring." Randy Edelmans musical score was also highly appreciated.

Spectators interviewed by the Agency CinemaScore gave the film a average score of "B" with " in scale F.

About the film, Stallone just said "the room was very good, but it doesnt take".


2.3. Release. Awards. (Награды)

The film was awarded the Golden reel for best sound editing and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category, Richard L. Anderson and David A. Whittaker. He was also nominated for two Golden raspberry awards, worst actor Sylvester Stallone and worst original song whenever there is love. 1996 for a stinkers bad movie awards, Stallone was also nominated for worst actor. In the movie became famous for the introduction of special watches Panerai daylight at the request of Stallone.


3. Home media. (Домашний медиа)

The film was released by universal films on laserdisc with DTS digital soundtrack in 1996. The film was also released on DVD with extra features, including films, trailer, and language selection and review of Directors.

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