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★ The Book of Revelation, film - thriller ..

The Book of Revelation (film)

★ The Book of Revelation (film)

The book of revelation is a 2006 Australian film directed by Ana Kokkinos, which she adapted with Andrew Bovell to screen from the novel by Rupert Thomson. It was produced by al Clark, with original music by the name of Cesar. The film was unusual for its detailed picture of non-state women to rape men.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Daniel Tom long, Australian classical dancer, drugged and abducted in an alley three women. They continue to hold him in an abandoned warehouse for about two weeks, crippling him sexually, and using it for your own physical and psychological satisfaction, before dumping him blindfolded out of the car near his home.

Injured, Daniel reports on his kidnapping and rape to the authorities, not showing it to your family, friends or colleagues. As a result, he loses the ability to dance and the problems of adapting to normal life. His skepticism live-in lover, ballerina, unaware that he cheated on her during his absence, leaving him. Obsessed with finding those responsible, who he has reason to believe that from intimacy, he desired every woman who resembles his captors, hoping to identify them. It leads him into trouble with the law, and to the failure that may or may not prove cathartic. The film ends on this ambiguous note, with Danielle crying in the arms of a policeman.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Zoe Coyle as Renate.
  • Deborah Mailman as Julie.
  • Nadine garner as Margot.
  • Greta Scacchi as Isabel.
  • Colin Friels as Olsen.
  • Tom Long, Daniel. (Том Лонг, Даниэль)
  • Odette Joannidis as a mod.
  • Zoe Naylor as Astrid.
  • Anna Torv as Bridget / the leading hooded woman.

3. Awards. (Награды)

The film was nominated for best screenplay - adaptation, Best original music, Best costume design awards Australian film Institute in 2006. He won the best music name Cezary critics circle film awards Australia, where he was nominated for four awards.

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