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★ Glossaries - Glossary, Abrogans, Adjusted RevPAR, Cleopatra Glossaries, Corpus Glossary, Durham Plant-Name Glossary, Glossarium Eroticum ..



A Glossary, also known as dictionary or klavis,...



Abrogans, also German Abrogans, or Codex Abroga...


Adjusted RevPAR

Adjusted RevPAR is a performance metric used in...


Cleopatra Glossaries

Cotton MS Cleopatra A. III is an Anglo-Saxon ma...


Corpus Glossary

Housing Glossary-this is one of many Anglo-Saxo...


Durham Plant-Name Glossary

Plant name Durham dictionary is a dictionary tr...

Glossarium Eroticum

Glossarium Eroticum

Glossarium Eroticum Latin dictionary of sexual words and phrases, and many are related to human body or considered indecent, Pierre-Emmanuel Pierrugues, published in 1826. This is a list of definitions and quotations in Latin and classical Latin literature as Plautus, Juvenal, Petronius, and Seneca in the examples and includes several medieval Latin as well.

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