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Bobsled and bobsled is a team winter sport that involves making timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in Gravity-powered sleigh. International bobsleigh competitions are governed by the international bobsleigh and skeleton Federat ...


Digby Willoughby (bobsleigher)

Lieutenant-Colonel Digby Willoughby MC MBE was a soldier and sportsman, one of the two man team bobsled that broke the world record in 1961. He later became Executive Director of the St. Moritz tobogganing club, which he held for 24 years, fierce ...


Olympic bronze medalists for the United States in bobsleigh


Olympic silver medalists for the United States in bobsleigh


Olympic gold medalists for the United States in bobsleigh


List of Olympic venues in bobsleigh

For the Winter Olympics, there are 21 venues that have or will host bobsleigh. Initially the only sliding sport for the Winter Games, it was first combined with luge in 1976. It has been that way since 1984 and skeleton since 2002.


2020–21 Bobsleigh World Cup

In 2020-21 world Cup bobsled multi-race series in a season for bobsleigh. The season will start on 23 November 2020 Sigulda, Latvia, and will conclude March 14, 2021 in Beijing, China.

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Skeleton sport.

Bobsled CEO says grant will help sport qualify for 2026 Paralympics. Illustration of Winter Sport Bobsleigh Bobsled Graphic Vector Illustration vector art, clipart and stock vectors. Image 66013737. Bobsled for sale. Alberta Bobsleigh Association Edmonton Sport Council. 8 Feb 2018 Home Sport. Cool Runnings 2? Jamaican bobsleigh team qualify for 2018 Winter Olympics blockbusters are getting all female reboots, it almost makes sense that the womens Jamaican bobsleigh team have repeated what. Bobsledding video. Bobsleigh Quick Guide Tutorialspoint. Jamaica Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation JBSF Ltd. is the governing body for the sport of bobsleigh and skeleton in Jamaica. It was first constituted in 1987.

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What happens to Olympic stadiums when the Games are over.

Weve compiled a list of former host cities whose Olympic legacy attractions and activities from skating rinks to ski jump simulators have lasting tourism. 18 Adventures for Tourists in Former Olympic Cities Slideshow. List of Olympic venues in luge. From pedia Mens tower start house at the Canada Olympic Park bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton track in 2006. The mens.