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Sherry Argov

Sherry Argov is a French-born American author. She is the author of the books Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches. Both books are New York Times bestsellers.


Valea Argovei

Valea Argovei is a commune in Calarași County, Romania. It is composed of five villages: Lunca, Ostrovu, Siliștea, Valea Argovei and Vladiceasca. In 2007, Val Argovei population 2.529 are.



Sashalom is a neighbourhood within the XVI. district of Budapest. It is mostly a green and suburban environment away from traffic and businesses.



After graduation, Sasha and Tanya move into a two-room rented apartment on the outskirts of Moscow with their son. Sylvester A. Sergeyev cares about them. In a season 2 Sasha is doing well at work, and he is buying an apartment in a new residenti ...


Typha × argoviensis

Typha × argoviensis is a plant of hybrid origin, native to Switzerland and Germany. It apparently originated as a cross between the two very widespread species T. latifolia and T. shuttleworthii. Typha × argoviensis grows in freshwater marshes.


Johannes Muller Argoviensis

Johann Muller was a Swiss botanist who was a specialist in lichens. He published under the name Johannes Muller Argoviensis to distinguish himself from other naturalists with similar names.


Alessandro Argoli

Alessandro Argoli may refer to: Alessandro Argoli bishop of Veroli 1594–1654, Italian Roman Catholic bishop Alessandro Argoli bishop of Terracina died 1540, Italian Roman Catholic bishop


Argola, Missouri

A post office called Argola was established in 1879, and remained in operation until 1901. The communitys name is a corruption of Ogolar, the surname of a pair of settlers.

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